30 years of CADENAS: Software solutions for 3D CAD models in step with the times since 1992

Interesting insights into the history of CADENAS

The software specialist CADENAS celebrates its company anniversary in 2022: Founded in 1992, it has now been 30 years since a small engineering office in the German city Augsburg became an international software company with 400 employees. The company's basic idea was very much in step with the times: Why should design engineers continue to invest hours in tracing components from catalogs when they could directly integrate digital component information from the manufacturer into their designs? The idea was born and all that was missing was a concise name, which was real teamwork: "Starting from the then emerging, still rather unknown term Computer Aided Design (CAD), we came up with CADENAS with the help of a Scrabble game and the creative combination of letters," says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO and founder of CADENAS GmbH. "Our solutions quickly met with a great response internationally and we established our first subsidiaries in Croatia and the USA in 2000. Others in Italy, France, Japan, China and South Korea quickly followed. We always had our goal in mind in doing so: to continue to drive innovation in the field of CAD and digitalization and to actively support technical companies in product development."

Software solutions support industrial companies in their digitalization strategy

This is still the corporate philosophy of CADENAS today, as digital transformation continues to gain strong momentum worldwide. Technological change is increasingly taking hold in both private and professional life due to the current global situation: more and more products are being ordered online, video conferencing has long been an integral part of daily work, 3D printers produce components and robots install them. To ensure their competitiveness, companies must therefore adapt to the changing challenges, digitize their processes and digitally document their expertise. Only this way it can be ensured that important information and know-how are available from anywhere (even from home office) and can be found at any time, even in the constantly changing world of work.

This is exactly where the innovative solutions powered by CADENAS come in: "Component information can be made fully available from anywhere in the world with our digital product catalogs to effectively simplify as well as accelerate engineering and planning processes," says Jürgen Heimbach. For companies in industrial manufacturing, CADENAS' Strategic Parts Management offers the possibility to keep an overview in times of missing or failing resources and to make this information quickly accessible.

In summary - For three decades, CADENAS has learned a lot about industry requirements from close cooperation with numerous customers and together created solutions that have proven successful in the market.

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