AMF trades online with the CADENAS 3D CAD App

Mobile application makes exciting products available on the road

Comprehensive, uncomplicated and quickly indispensible – this way the new, freely available 3D CAD Model App of the clamping systems manufacturer AMF presents itself, based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology of the software manufacturer CADENAS from Augsburg. With this application engineers and purchasers can now browse the product catalog of AMF for parts, download CAD models and call up information about innovations while on the move.

Success through service and innovation

3D CAD Modelle App von AMF powered by CADENASThe Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG in Fellbach, abbreviated AMF, is one of the most innovative companies in the field of clamping systems and quick-change systems that function as interface between the machine table and the work-station fixture. Every year the company launches a multitude of new
products on the market aimed at reducing set-up times and finding an individually suitable solution for the customer. In addition, AMF offers a service which includes not only providing these products but also a complete analysis of the manufacturing situation at the customer and afterwards creating an end-to-end solution. This service performance, innovative for this industry, is supported by numerous technical systems and its latest supplement is the AMF App.

Customer orientation and support of sales

The AMF App for Android and iOS serves two purposes: On the one hand the customers can comfortably find information and 3D CAD models of AMF products and send them to their work place. On the other hand the technology enables the sales staff to find the suitable model at lightning speed when talking to their customers and integrate it into the fixture, to create realistic simulations with customers. This is made possible through CADENAS' Augmented Reality technology for 3D CAD models.

The most important reason for introducing the 3D CAD model app is the speed of development resulting from it: Most of the time, users have to work with different platforms for their project. Therefore perequisites for efficient working are similarity researches, intelligent search systems and reasonably structured catalog data. All of this is now provided by the AMF App with data from the PARTcommunity.

Features for AMF customers & sales

Benefits of the AMF 3D CAD model App:

  • Free download of 2D and 3D CAD models from the AMF product catalog
  • The CAD models are available in all important CAD formats
  • Mobile access to all 3D CAD models at any time

Here you can find the AMF App for download:

Your product catalog as an individual CADENAS App

Besides AMF, many other renowned companies have already realized the benefits of their own mobile product access system: Afag, das :K Magazin, PHD 3D and igus already have an individual 3D CAD App.

Are you a component manufacturer and would like to supply your products with your own App?

With an individual CADENAS App, engineers and purchasers can browse their product catalog mobile for parts and can even configure them.

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