Baart Industrial Group launch product configurator for Vortex VXT series speed reducers powered by CADENAS

Industrial manufacturer streamlines access to engineering data with online product configurator and 3D CAD model downloads

The Baart Industrial Group has recently launched an all-new online product configurator for the Vortex VXT Series Shaft Mount Speed Reducers. The tool provides an industry-leading online customer experience, enabling engineers to visually configure the exact Vortex VXT product they need. Once satisfied with their configuration, engineers can download a 3D CAD model of the product to virtually test within their digital assembly. These capabilities accelerate the specification process while adding accuracy into customer designs.

The Baart Industrial Group manufactures bearings and power transmission components used in a wide variety of industries. The Vortex VXT series shaft mount speed reducers are designed for OEM applications, providing torque to drive conveyors and industrial automation equipment.

Previously, engineers were offered a selection of static files of the VXT series products available from the Baart website.

“In order to find the right drawing file, customers really needed to already be knowledgeable in our product’s part numbers, and that’s just too much to ask in today’s competitive market,” says Dan Bonner President of Baart Industrial Group. “We are making it easier to specify our products online. The VXT product configurator guides someone to find the exact product they need, letting them see all of the variables up front, while showing a 3D preview of the configured product as they go.”

Baart Industrial Group knows the importance of providing engineers with the tools and resources to help them design, which is why the new online product configurator also provides instant CAD model downloads in more than 150 native and neutral formats.

Bonner adds, “By providing so many formats, we are ensuring we’re speaking the right CAD language for all of our customers. Accuracy is a big part of being easy for the engineer, and that’s what it’s all about.”