3D CAD downloads still on the upwind - CADENAS records over 38 million downloaded CAD models per month for the first time

3DfindIT.com boosts number of downloaded, intelligent CAD data from electronic manufacturer catalogs

Autumn is not only the time when colorful kites fly to unreachable heights, the 3D CAD download numbers are also on the rise. In September 2019, 38,025,278 CAD downloads from over 500 manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS were made for the first time within one month.

3DfindIT.com gives CAD download numbers a boost

The number of 3D CAD downloads is also boosted by 3DfindIT.com, the new visual search engine for 3D manufacturer components of the next dimension developed by CADENAS and recently launched. With its intelligent search functions and the free download of CAD & BIM data, 3DfindIT.com is the indispensable platform for architects, planners, engineers and designers. The aim of 3DfindIT.com is to provide users with targeted results in the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics that are not provided by conventional search engines.

Global marketing potential for component manufacturers with 3DfindIT.com

Become part of 3DfindIT.com as a component manufacturer and market your products worldwide by making your 3D planning & engineering data available to engineers and architects for their designs. With 3DfindIT.com, you bring your products directly into the CAD & BIM designs of engineers and architects as well as into the respective parts lists and then receive the orders from the purchasing department. Studies show that around 87% of downloaded CAD components later lead to products that are actually sold.