ElectricSolenoidValves.com launches 3D CAD parts library of solenoid valves and motorized ball valves

E-commerce automation company improves digital experience with on-demand delivery of engineering content

ElectricSolenoidValves.com, a distributor specializing in solenoid valves and automation products for engineers and OEMs, has released an online 3D CAD product catalog of solenoid valves. Built by CADENAS, the library serves the website’s growing customer base by making the customer journey online and on demand.

“When our customer support team was getting more and more calls asking for CAD files, we realized that we needed to provide this engineering data on our site,” said Rob Donahue, Ecommerce Operations Manager. “Our business is based around friendly and knowledgeable customer support. Adding CAD files right on our site improves the online part of that experience. Customers can now access products at their convenience. Not just upon request.”

3D CAD models in over 150 native and neutral file formats ensure a seamless fit

The new CAD library also offers 3D views and model downloads in over 150 native and neutral file formats, allowing customers to easily research products and download in their preferred format. “The fact that customers can find the CAD file right on our page and download it in whichever file type they need, that’s a big deal,” Donahue said. “We want customers to download CAD drawings in any file type they want and know that the valve they’re researching will fit seamlessly in their application.”

Donahue added, “Historically for engineers, sourcing detailed product data for designs is like pulling teeth. Trying to get from point A to B to C can be a real challenge for them. On our site, customers have all their questions answered in one place. They don’t need to visit multiple sites for info, and we can begin the customer relationship a lot earlier on in the buying process.”