Free update for ELITECAD Mechanics 14 with parts4cad integration from CADENAS

CAD parts of 700+ product catalogs available powered by CADENAS cooperation

Mit dem neuen Add On ELITECAD PARTS von CADENAS profitieren Anwender von ELITECAD Mechanics 14 nun von detaillierten und aktuellen CAD Daten der Kaufteile.

The Austrian software manufacturer XEOMETRIC is developing professional CAD systems for architecture and construction. The products are especially renowned for highest usability, state-of-the-art technology and useful add-ons provided on a regular basis. ELITECAD Mechanics – their CAD software for professionals in mechanical engineering, construction and plant design – is currently available in its 14th edition and now receiving a free update. Besides some performance and usability enhancements, the key component of this update is “ELITECAD PARTS” based on the cooperation with CADENAS and their application parts4cad, one of the most extensive CAD part libraries in the market.

Targeting efficiency and productivity

Many companies are facing considerable efforts for the search and configuration of CAD data from their purchased parts, sometimes even reproducing them in detail for their own engineering projects. CADENAS detected the enormous potential for productivity improvements in this context already in 1992 and met it with Strategic Parts Management and Electronic CAD Product Catalogs. Today, the company is one of the leading software suppliers in this sector, providing industry and CAD manufacturers with efficient solutions.

Earlier in 2018, XEOMETRIC and CADENAS decided to collaborate with the objective of making the handling of 2D and 3D third-party data in ELITECAD more comfortable and likewise speeding up design and construction processes. „ELITECAD Mechanics is an essential tool for the daily work in mechanical engineering and construction. We are happy that our close collaboration with XEOMETRIC is giving the numerous users of ELITECAD access to millions of 3D CAD models, thus shortening the time-to-market in design and engineering processes”, states Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS GmbH.

Free software update for ELITECAD Mechanics 14

The parts4cad application of CADENAS is now available as a brand-new add-on module at no cost for customers of ELITECAD Mechanics 14. Hence, ELITECAD users now have access to millions of up-to-date, detailed CAD models of purchased parts thanks to the integration of ELITECAD PARTS by CADENAS with more than 700 product catalogs of world-class companies.

With only a few clicks, the new add-on module can be installed in ELITECAD Mechanics 14 for free. The numerous 2D and 3D CAD models of all industry sectors are then selected and inserted via drag & drop function. However, parts drawn from the interface are more than simple library parts in ELITECAD. A double-click on such an object opens the definition mask in parts4cad, showing all applied parameters. Thus, the user can edit dimensions or select another variant at any time in order to integrate the third-party component perfectly in the overall construction. As a result, less work is needed for ancillary parts and, in turn, more time can be invested in the core task. The new software update for ELITECAD Mechanics 14 is also topped off with other enhancements in performance and usability to boost efficiency in construction processes. „We are delighted to have a competent and renowned partner like CADENAS at our side, fully sharing our innovative mindset. This great collaboration is an ideal basis for useful features that will generate added value for ELITECAD customers“, affirms XEOMETRIC CEO and owner DI Dr. Wolfgang Stöger.

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