6th Solutions Forum CADENAS Italiana offered specialist visitors numerous new ideas and use cases

CADENAS Italiana organized the 6th edition of the exclusive Solutions Forum on the 7th of May at the Hotel Calzavecchio in Bologna. More than 60 participants from mechanical, plant and engineering sectors had the opportunity to attend presentations about innovations and changing trends regarding the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions and the Electronic Product Catalogs eCATALOGsolutions.

Innovations and Trends of CADENAS Italiana

During the day many innovations and success stories were presented to the audience, showing how renowned customers have cooperated with CADENAS to adapt the software solutions according to the company’s needs and requirements.

After a brief introduction by Luca Borghi, CEO of CADENAS Italiana, Leonardo Burchi, Technical Consultant of CADENAS Italiana, presented the software solution PARTsolutions. Particular attention was shown on how to collect and manage information for a conscious parts selection using the Strategic Parts Management. Also how to find the right component at the right moment with the technical search engine and showing the innovations of the new PARTsolutions version 10 were dissucssed. The project presented by Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A. is the success story concerning this solution by CADENAS.

Solutions Forum -  Luca Borghi Presents

Lisa Ferrari, Sales Manager at CADENAS Italiana held a presentation about the advantages of the multi-functionality of the solution eCATALOGsolutions. Metal Work S.p.A. presented his success story concerning this topic.

Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS Technologies AG, launched a new message to the audience about the “line of the future”. To the question: “Mr. President, how do you see the future of CADENAS in 10-15 years?” Heimbach answered that he does not have a long-term vision of the company, because the market is changing too fast and that he always wants to be ready to modify his “route” with the aim to find the most possible modern solutions useful for his customers.

After a quick brunch, manufacturers and suppliers of components could take part at the interactive workshop, where they could see and test the solutions explained during the previous presentations. Fameccanica Data S.p.A. and Caprari S.p.A. showed the specific projects developed with CADENAS solutions to achieve their targets.

CADENAS Italiana would like to thank the companies Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A, Metal Work S.p.A., Caprari S.p.A, Fameccanica Data S.p.A who presented their success stories at the CADENAS Solutions Forum 2015.

Soultions Forum Italia Team

For further information about the CADENAS Solutions Forum Italiana, please visit: www.solutions-forum.it