How to Generate Sales Leads – Made In Britain Video Features Exclusive Interview with Power Jacks & CADENAS

Industrial marketing experts from Power Jacks and CADENAS sat down with Made In Britain to discuss a sales lead generation strategy for manufacturers

How to Generate Sales Leads – Made In Britain Video Features exclusive Interview with Power Jacks and CADENAS

How do component manufacturers generate more sales leads by targeting the right people online?

To answer this question, Made In Britain’s chief executive John Pearce sat down with Power Jacks’ marketing director Bruce Hamper and CADENAS UK’s managing director Colin Johnson. This video is the first in Made In Britain series for manufacturers featuring expert advice on how to grow their business.

Why feature Power Jacks and CADENAS for lead generation?

Within 1 year of launching its online product catalog with CADENAS, Power Jacks saw a 30% increase in sales leads and 230% increase in CAD downloads.

Their formula is straightforward: Provide 3D CAD models of your products online and make it easy for customers to find and download them. This promotes the download and use of engineering data in design, enabling the manufacturer’s products to be “built-in” to larger assemblies and purchased downstream.

The Electronic Product Catalog powered by CADENAS is an enterprise tool that makes this formula possible on Power Jack’s website and 90+ download portal sites used around the world. By integrating this tool into its social media strategy, Power Jacks laid the groundwork for an effective, inbound lead generation funnel.

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