Tata Steel launches their pioneering BIM tool the “DNA Profiler” and product catalog built by CADENAS

Designed to ease access to Tata Steel's BIM data, the “DNA Profiler” is a flexible tool for today’s needs and future developments

Tata Steel launched their pioneering BIM Tool the "DNA Profiler" and product catalog, granting engineers and architects easy access to configurable products and instant BIM CAD downloads, right from Tata Steel’s website.

Based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS, the “DNA Profiler” was designed with the customer in mind. It delivers to architects the data they want in the BIM CAD format they need — creating a simplified design-to-download process. The “DNA Profiler” is an innovative multi BIM CAD tool, which additionally provides all relevant attributes of Tata Steel construction products beyond the pure geometry. Users can directly specify in the product configurator of Tata Steel which component information they need in which BIM format. The provision of numerous level-of-information that are relevant for the specific construction phase thus fulfills the different needs of respective architects and planners of the construction industry.

Comflor composition CF100 by Tata Steel
Comflor composition CF100 by Tata Steel

The “DNA Profiler” is a flexible tool for today’s needs and future developments. This web-based tool enables users to:

  • Select exactly what BIM information (data and/or 3D object) they want.
  • Configure Tata Steel construction products.
  • Selection of the desired level-of-information depending on the construction phase.
  • Download it in multiple CAD formats and versions.

Tata Steel is a leading international manufacturer of steel and ranks as the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer, employing over 80,000 people across nearly 50 countries. Its “DNA Profiler” hosts over 6,100 of the Tata Steel European construction brand products – including Celsius®, ComFlor®, Kalzip® and Catnic® products – in all relevant BIM software formats required, to ensure complete interoperability. The BIM objects are available in a large range of native software object formats including Autodesk Revit, ARCHICAD, Tekla, Allplan and Trimble SketchUp.

Tata Steel stellt seinen neuen CAD Produktkatalog mit integriertem, intelligenten BIM Lösung „DNA Profiler” vor.
Der „DNA Profiler“ stellt Architekten und Planern genau die Komponentendaten in dem BIM Format bereit, das sie benötigen.
Im BIM Tool von Tata Steel können Nutzer direkt angeben, welche Komponenteninformationen sie in welchem BIM Format benötigen

“Our 'DNA Profiler' is a major step towards simplifying the availability of complex product data online. We hope that not only will it provide a much-needed tool for the design community, but that it will also pave the way towards a more unified approach to data sharing throughout the industry,” says Alex Small, BIM and Digital Platforms Manager at Tata Steel.

“CADENAS are proud to have collaborated with Tata Steel and IBM to create the 'DNA Profiler'. One of the first of its kind, the company’s new 'DNA Profiler' has been designed to minimise data overload and will allow users, at whatever stage they are in the construction process, to retrieve the exact level of BIM data they require – and via CADENAS technology, download in multiple native CAD software object formats,” says Gillian Smith, Business Development Director at CADENAS UK.

The product catalog with its BIM tool “DNA Profiler” by Tata Steel is available at: