“3Dfindit is a great thing for constructive applications“

A survey of 3Dfindit users proves that design engineers are excited about the platform and its new search features

Four months have passed since 3Dfindit replaced the download portal B2B PARTcommunity. B2B PARTcommunity enjoyed great popularity among users. Many designers, planners, engineers and architects downloaded CAD, CAE and BIM models for their designs there for over ten years. Accordingly, CADENAS expected that users would initially be skeptical about the new platform 3Dfindit.

Broad agreement

Statistics prove that the number of downloaded data sets has actually increased since the move to 3Dfindit. In addition, a survey among users shows that the innovations have met with a positive response. CADENAS is enthusiastic about the encouragement of the dedicated users: They not only praised 3Dfindit, but also proactively contributed wishes and suggestions for the further development of the platform.

Users from all over the world took part in the survey on the download portal, where they could indicate how satisfied they are with 3Dfindit with up to six stars. The well over 200 respondents so far have awarded an average of 4.86 stars. In addition, more than 79 percent said they would recommend the visual search engine to their colleagues. 3Dfindit scored particularly well with its fast and accurate search results and its ease of use:

  • "The interface is easy to use", raves one survey respondent from England.
  • A French user is pleased that the search on 3Dfindit is "simple, fast and complete".
  • One user in Italy justified his positive review by saying "3Dfindit makes my work as a designer faster and more effective".

The variety of file formats in which the parts can be downloaded also met with great approval:

  • “I can find .stp, .mac, .rfa, .dwg here at the same time, that's what I use every day“, writes an english participant in the survey.

3Dfindit on a growth course

In addition, numerous other convinced customer testimonials were received. The new functions were particularly often praised, such as the customizable 3D preview. Other survey participants took the opportunity to express concrete wishes as to how 3Dfindit should develop further. These ranged from concrete components as CAD-CAE and BIM models, to product catalogs from specific manufacturers, to parts from other design specialties. The majority agreed that 3Dfindit already supports their work and should continue to grow to become even better.

  • "You can find almost all parts that are needed in everyday design work. Above all, I appreciate the up-to-dateness of the models", reads an assessment from Germany.
  • A user from Spain noted, "I find most of the commercial components, only a few I can't find on the website."

CADENAS would like to thank all survey participants for their honest feedback and for taking the time to complete the survey. We will analyze the constructive assessment and implement it as quickly as possible. 3Dfindit is another innovation stage on the way to the perfect visual search engine, which may still have occasional malfunctions. However, with the help of your suggestions, we are constantly working on developing the platform further.

You can also submit your review or browse the more than 5,000 verified manufacturer catalogs on 3Dfindit.

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