4 out of 5 sales potentials drift below the surface

"Industrial BI", the new solution from CADENAS provides customers with important insights into untapped sales potential and current developments in various markets

  • Which emerging, new markets should we consider?
  • Which easy-to-implement measures provide big profits?
  • How can we optimise the sales strategy?

In the context of successful business development, decision-makers at component manufacturers ask themselves numerous questions. Since 1 October 2023, the software house CADENAS has been providing its customers with answers with "Industrial Business Intelligence" (Industrial BI), a new BI solution, and supporting them in their sales strategy.

"Business Intelligence" promises a multitude of data through which companies can maximise their success. But often the actual growth engines are lost in this mass of information. In contrast, Industrial BI by CADENAS uncovers the essential and profitable key figures for component manufacturers.

Seeing through Big Data

The analysis of a lot of information enables well-founded decisions, but the evaluation of a multitude of unstructured data costs time and does not generate sales. For this reason, Industrial BI by CADENAS clearly prepares the key figures for all downloads of a catalog on the CADENAS portals. In addition, the software solution provides valuable information on the current market situation and takes emerging trends into account.

The tool provides an overview of a total of eleven indicators, such as:

Top and Bottom Markets

This dashboard analyses the size of a market based on the number of downloads. Component manufacturers can apply various filters to narrow down the markets. To do this, Industrial BI provides statistics on downloads made from a manufacturer catalog as well as the names and numbers of companies interested in comparable components from competitors.

In addition, the tool reveals companies and development opportunities that component manufacturers have not yet targeted. In this way, they can better understand the behaviour of their customers and identify new potentials.

Market Statistics

This interface lists in descending order which industries have downloaded how many parts in a selected period. This gives component manufacturers using Industrial BI from CADENAS an insight into general market developments and discovers lucrative new markets for their products.

BCG-Matrix – Markets

Based on the share in relation to the entire market as well as the growth rate, the growth-share matrix divides companies into four groups: Stars (high relative market share and high market growth), Cash Cows (high relative market share, but low market growth), Question Marks (low relative market share, but high growth) and Dogs (low relative market share and low market growth).

In this way, Industrial BI from CADENAS comprehensibly evaluates different markets and provides component manufacturers with valid indicators to deploy resources in a targeted manner and optimise their own corporate strategy.

In addition, Industrial BI offers another eight analysis criteria that visualise relevant statistics using clear diagrams and illustrate the potential of a component manufacturer. Based on these figures, they can optimise their sales strategy.

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