Breaking news: 3Dfindit revolutionizes engineering with brand new browser extension CAD SCOUT 3Dfindit

CAD SCOUT 3Dfindit simplifies web component search for engineers, designers and planners

The new CAD SCOUT 3Dfindit browser extension offers its users a new feature. The latest development from the CADENAS Innovation Lab takes component search for engineers, designers and planners to a new level.

The early birds among you can already use the full functionality in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, other browsers will follow soon. Best of all, it's free for you.

Find 3D CAD models anywhere on the web with a single click

Finding the right part can be a headache for even the most experienced engineers. CAD SCOUT 3Dfindit makes your daily work easier by saving you valuable time and increasing your efficiency at the same time.

When you find a part on a website, CAD SCOUT displays the matching parts in 3Dfindit. You can easily download the parts in over 100 CAD, CAE and BIM formats. No more tedious web searches for design data on different manufacturers' websites. It also eliminates the need to create new components.

How to use CAD SCOUT 3Dfindit?

  1. Install the extension from your browser's web store: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  2. When you are on a website that displays the part you are looking for, launch the tool via the extension button.
  3. Select one of the CAD SCOUT search results and download it directly in over 100 CAD, CAE and BIM formats.

Extension from Google or Bing

CAD SCOUT can also complement your search in Google or Bing. Just enter your search term in the search bar and open the new browser extension at the same time. You will immediately receive comprehensive and detailed results for matching 3D models on 3Dfindit.

Pro tip: Great addition to ENTERPRISE 3Dfindit

The extension is free and quick to install. It is also easy for all ENTERPRISE 3Dfindit customers to use. Designers can use the free web access, but the tool takes them back to the company's internal parts world.

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