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Fresh ideas for your marketing: websites redesigned with integrated product catalog, unforgettable trade fair presentations and effectively acquiring new customers

Standing out in international competition, especially innovation and development in companies, is decisive. CANVAS, a 100 percent subsidiary of the CADENAS group, is a media agency and i.a. specialized in the fields of print and online marketing, trade fair events and phone marketing. CANVAS has been increasing the popularity of CADENAS for more than 15 years and is now also offering this attractive service to catalog customers of CADENAS.

Due to the close interaction with CADENAS, CANVAS has profound insights into the daily business of component manufacturers, engineers and technicians and is the link between marketing, the product and the respective target group.

Increase your visitor and download numbers with the encompassing website service of CANVAS

CANVAS Webservice

Would you like to pep up your old website or have it completely redesigned? CANVAS offers qualified support for redesigning your website and at the same time integrates the Electronic Product Catalog seamlessly into your company’s web appearance.

The design of the website is based on the content management system Contao which allows simple creation and maintenance of the contents. This way you can easily update and extend your website yourself and no longer need an agency to do it.

Improved CAD download through innovative PARTcommunity embedded technology

Due to CADENAS’ PARTcommunity embedded techology, the 3D CAD download portal can now be seamlessly integrated with your specific design and layout into your website without programing effort. In doing so, you can select any desired elements of the CADENAS PARTcommunity: search for the desired component, product display or CAD download.

This way your customers can directly search on your company website for 3D CAD models of your products, configure them or have, for instance, a 3D preview or a table with all component information displayed. Afterwards engineers can comfortably download 3D models.

The simplified access through the PARTcommunity embedded solution, which leads to improved download numbers, is available to all component manufacturers who have a catalog with the eCATALOGsolutions technology. Here all important information is available about the PARTcommunity embedded technology.

Example for a professional redesign of a website by CANVAS

An example for a successful CANVAS redesign of the company website is among others our customer Zipatec. The specialist for automation solutions from the area of Nuremberg decided to have his website redesigned by CANVAS. When redesigning the web presence, the complete product catalog of Zipatec was seamlessly integrated into the website by means of the PARTcommunity embedded technology. Morever the product sector, among other things, was completely revised and adjusted according to customer demands.

Old versus new Zipatec website:


Acquiring new customers: From the cold call to hot distribution contacts for your sales

To generate useable sales contacts from download data, experience, sensitivity and lots of working effort is necessary. For eCATALOGsolutions customers CANVAS offers an extensive solution, including the complete evaluation and processing of all downloaded data and first contact by phone.

Get away from cold calling – hot sales contacts for your distributionAcquiring new customers is one of the most important but also most difficult areas in sales. Selecting and addressing potential new customers requires lots of time and above all a feeling for the right approach. Telephone campaigns are not so popular among sales and field service staff, therefore CANVAS gladly would like to take care of that for your sales team.

We will make your phone calls for you!

Trained employees analyze download statistics and select potential contact persons. CANVAS also takes over the first phone contact and further concentrates the selection on the most promising prospective customers. Instead of anonymous cold calling, a targeted addressing of customers is realized due to our longstanding experience and know-how about telemarketing in the technical sector.

This way your sales reps can completely concentrate on creating quotations for prospective customers and a close customer support.

Your trade fair appearance as magnet for visitors with extensive trade fair entertainment package

For all component manufacturers looking for a visitor magnet for their next trade fair, the extensive trade fair entertainment package offers exactly the right thing.

With many innovative and interesting highlights CANVAS complements your trade fair appearance in cooperation with CADENAS. Many features are eye-catchers that captivate visitors and make the presentation of your electronic product catalog an unforgettable experience. Attractions like 3D glasses, product flyers with Augmented Reality or the Quick Response Code or controlling the 3D parts with a Wii controller or Kinect, encourage potential buyers to take part in the action and spend time at your trade fair booth.

For more information about the trade fair entertainment package and many practical examples of our customers, please visit: and

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