AirTAC (AIRTAC) continues close cooperation with CADENAS and offers their online catalog as a PARTcommunity download portal

Project Background

AirTAC International Group is specialized to provide customers pneumatic control elements, pneumatic actuators, air preparation components, pneumatic auxiliary components, and other pneumatic equipment, services and solutions.

In 2009, AirTAC created their product catalog with the CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions, which is currently one of the most professional tools for creating and marketing electronic product catalogs. At the end of 2010 AirTAC launched its latest multi-language catalog offline CD. The new offline CD has not only greatly facilitate the usage of AirTAC product models for designing, but also provides the high quality catalog data. And this CAD data can also be exported with all their attributes and features. "AirTAC not only supplies customers with the best products, but also provides them the best pre- and after sales service," said Mr. Xu Marketing Manager of AirTAC. "With the help of CADENAS we officially published our newest offline CD in December 2010. Only within two weeks the 5 000 CDs were distributed completely and we have to create 10 000 copies again," said Mr. Liu Project Manager of AirTAC.


CADENAS PARTcommunity is bringing the following marketing advantages for AirTAC:

  • PARTcommunity reaches more than 3 million potential users from over one hundred countries and regions worldwide. Most of them are engineers as well as purchasers. With the download portal all digital data of the AirTAC products are directly integrated into the production chain of their customers.
  • With the help of the PARTcommunity online portal AirTAC's product catalog is available for download at 365 days, 24 hours a day.
  • In order to meet the requirements of exigent customers AirTAC provides intelligent parts in its product catalog.
  • It provides effectively support for market analysis, so AirTAC can easily find out which product is the most favorite in which market.
  • AirTAC early obtains feedback about market growth and decay as well as the comparative strength of the market.
  • The effect of the market activities can be measured. 

3D CAD Download Portal by AirTAC

Project Implementation

After having successfully created an offline CD AirTAC discussed with CADENAS about how to set up an own PARTcommunity download portal in order to improve the customer service. Furthermore AirTAC wants to use the CADENAS PARTcommunity platform to promote the reputation in international and domestic markets, as PARTcommunity has extensive influence and over 3 million potential users worldwide. At the same time AirTAC obtains with PARTcommunity user information like the country of access or the visiting times of the website in order to perform market analysis.

Next Steps

Additional to the PARTcommunity download portal AirTAC also has a strong interest in the development of a product assistant. With this assistant the customer could define the parameter, type, size and other specifications according the guidance of selection in order to exactly meet his needs. This assistant will greatly help AirTAC to strengthen its position as leading parts supplier in the market.

About AirTAC International Group

AirTAC was first established in 1988. Until today, AirTAC has been growing as one of the world's largest pneumatic enterprise. AirTAC is not only a well-known Taiwanese pneumatic manufacturer, but also an enterprise with research & development strength, manufacturing plants, and worldwide service network. The Airtac products are sold well in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America . AirTAC has a skilled pre-sales and after-sales service team and keeps up providing the superior products and technical services. 

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