February 2013

The International CADENAS Industry-Forum 2013 and user group event just wrapped up in Augsburg, Germany. The event was a great success for the CADENAS PARTsolutions family to gather, share information, ideas and have some fun.

With more than 600 partnering component manufacturers supplying 3D data across over 50 online PARTcommunities, engineers downloaded more than 73.9 million digital parts in 2012. This represents a download volume increase of 22% over 2011. These downloads account for billions of dollars in sales revenue for industrial component parts configured through CADENAS technology.

How many items can you find that are based on a standard? How about the light bulbs over your head, electric outlets on the walls, USB ports on your computer, that stapler on your desk and even the bottle opener in your drawer? Standards are everywhere and make our lives so much easier, yet the day to day benefits are so often overlooked.

Tennessee Rand, a Chattanooga based provider of engineering, machining and integrated robotic systems, has recently upgraded its online offering to include 3D CAD downloads directly from their website,