August 2014

For many component manufacturers, the premise „the customer is king” is on the top of the list because they already provide them with 3D CAD models of their components as downloads through an Electronic Product Catalog. But to provide a comprehensive customer service and to support engineers and purchasing agents in the most optimal way possible, it’s necessary to supply them not only with pure geometrics but also with additional component information and meta data.

Companies have always relied on quality and durability when buying machines. However, if a spare part is necessary after several decades, it can get difficult to find the right component. To identify such parts, even with a missing label and with little effort, only two things are necessary: A 3D scanner and CADENAS’ Intelligent Finding technology.

Since August, PARTcommunity is equipped with the new PARTcloud function: This 3D Sharing Platform allows users to share original content with colleagues, friends an other PARTcommunity members. Now, CADENAS hosts the PARTcloud 3D Sharing Challenge.

Bob’s got a problem. He has a big project he’s working on and needs to spec a bunch of component parts, including cylinders for his design. He knows “off the shelf” won’t work for his application, but he’s having a tough time finding the right part from paper catalogs. The solution: A custom product configurator.

As part of the Bionic Learning Networks, Festo AG, a specialist for factory and process automatization, realized a remarkable project: A robot that not just looks like a Kangaroo but also moves like one.

For years, the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity by CADENAS has been a top address for engineers looking for 3D CAD models of components. PARTcommunity has now been augmented with the new PARTcloud function: With this innovative tool, engineers can also upload 3D CAD models of their self constructed components and share them with friends and coworkers as well as make them available for download.

CADENAS is proud to announce their membership into the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA), the preeminent association for the industrial power transmission/motion control distribution channel.

RÖHM is known as a worldwide leader in clamping and chucking tool technology. To create their products they use more than 12,000 standard and supplier products, in addition to their own internally designed parts. With so many parts, streamlining product search and selection was critical to meet the needs of RÖHM’s 1500 employees at 60 facilities worldwide. RÖHM has worked closely with CADENAS, utilizing their parts management system to reduce duplicate parts, aide part search and reduce design time.

To be on the cutting edge is the stated goal of the OWIS GmbH, a global leading manufacturer of optical beam handling and positioning systems. Thus, since March 2014 the company provides in collaboration with the software developer CADENAS extensive product records in various formats to download.

Littleford Inc. maker of industrial mixers, dryers and reactors, have launched their all-new interactive design tool. The online resource, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions enables a customer to design their machine online, to their exact specifications, in real-time. Offering infinite configurable variations, the interactive tool enables customers to receive quotes much more quickly as well as saving time on design iterations and revisions. The process to design and specify a Littleford product has been reduced from six weeks to just days.