September 2016

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions from CADENAS has been supporting the Japanese manufacturer since 2008 as a supplier parts library for the design of production equipment. The “easy to integrate in existing systems” ability has been a key factor in Toyo Seikan‘s choice for CADENAS.

We all experience self-service models that previous generations would be astounded by. Industries are changing right before our eyes and the world we know now looks very different than just ten years ago.

Samtec, Inc.recently launched an advanced interactive catalog of 3D CAD models built by CADENAS. The new, easy-to-use online tool enables engineers to dynamically configure, preview and download over 1 trillion Samtec product models in the native CAD format of their choice.

Often, material master data within a company is classified according to ECLASS. This designation helps that you always speak of one and the same component, no matter which name the respective department or manufacturer is using.

Only with competitive product prices can companies survive in the international market. The first thought is usually to optimize the purchase prices. For effectively reducing costs, companies should know initially the total life cycle costs for its purchase and own parts of their products.

Since the beginning of 2016, the company has been offering engineers and purchasers engineering data via an electronic product catalog of the eCATALOGsolutions technology.

Always attentive to offer an optimal service to its customers Setec has offered its 3D CAD catalog in the libraries of CADENAS. Upon further expansion of the range of its products Setec is also providing the 3D CAD models of its ISOMOVE series for free to download.

Regal-Beloit has doubled-down on the support for their online product configurator, multiplying the reach and effectiveness by enabling users to mix-and match products from separate Regal-Beloit brands. Now, users who visit the product configurator at, a Regal-Beloit owned gearbox manufacturer, can add the matching Marathon Motor and order the products as a pair.