October 2016

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK Schwaben anchored China with the "China Competence Center CCC" in its country focus. The sole purpose being to inform companies on topics like Swabian-Chinese business relations, providing useful advice for posting employees abroad or reports about changes in the field of certification.

Engineers and purchasers are always faced with the challenge of finding the best possible component for their product. However, a qualified decision about the best component is only possible if all relevant information about components is available quickly and easily.

The 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity offers its users 400 manufacturer-certified 3D CAD product catalogs. One or the other user might be looking for a manufacturer’s component that is not yet in the PARTcommunity.

Diligent members of the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity will be rewarded in the future for their work and loyalty.

For engineers working in a chaotic data set, it may be tempting at first to simply create a brand new part instead of searching for an existing component; this however leads to extensive extra work in the long run. Why don’t many engineers search first? The answer: Often no adequate search facilities are available, which makes searching very time consuming.