December 2016

IMI Precision Engineering has streamlined their sales process through the website integration of an eCATALOGsolutions 3D product configurator in combination with their existing CRM & eShop.

Samtec began a digital transformation more than 15 years ago by creating a unique library of 3D CAD models in-house. The models were built per customer request and posted online for downloading. Today Samtec’s interactive catalog of 3D CAD models is built upon CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions platform, which leads the industry with more than 700 active clients.

Parker’s new T-Slot Aluminum Design Architect created with CADENAS’ Interactive Product Configurator is a 3D software tool for assembling profiles and accessories into a design. With the new solution, engineers can quickly turn their concepts into completion.

With the so-called HotSpot function, additional diverse information can now be linked with a preview of the uploaded component. As a consequence, those 3D CAD models become an interactive encyclopedia for engineers and members of the sharing community.

For IMI Precision Engineering customer satisfaction is key and providing product information in a simple and easy to use product configurator was the best solution for their pneumatic actuator ranges. An Electronic Product Catalog by CADENAS was seamlessly integrated into the existing website and eShop maintaining the full IMI Precision Engineering branding.

We recently conducted an interview with the Swabian chamber of commerce IHK Schwaben. The head of the business area International, Axel Sir, gave some important tips on what should be noted about (online) marketing in China. We have now asked the managing director of the CADENAS branch in Shanghai about his marketing activities.

With CADENAS, as a component manufacturer you also benefit from the great success of the social network Facebook: The great popularity of the CADENAS download portal also shows the sensational number of 25,000 fans of the PARTcommunity Facebook site.