Increasingly more and more companies are making it their goal to manufacture environmentally friendly products according to the European guidelines RoHS and GaBi and mainly purchase parts that satisfy these demands. Thus, CADENAS Gmbh will offer component manufactures the opportunity to explicitly refer to environmentally friendly parts in their electronic product catalogs, thus presenting their products in a more attractive way.

Precious metal for the best 3D catalogs: CADENAS GmbH has already awarded numerous gold and silver CADENAS Quality Seals to notable manufacturers. The seal symbol is displayed in PARTsolutions, the strategic parts management system, next to the company logo of the respective manufacturer.

In times of globalization, the international orientation of a company becomes increasingly more important. The products of component manufacturers must be well-positioned on the constantly growing sales market. In order to do this, a clear advantage is if potential customers are addressed directly in their respective languages. Although circa 45% of engineers understand English, less than 10% really feel secure speaking it.

PARTsolutions LLC, the US subsidiary company of CADENAS Technologies AG and a global provider of 3D part catalogs for manufacturers and enterprises, today announces the completion of the Anderson Instrument Co. online product catalog. Anderson Instrument Co., a subsidiary of the Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR) and leader in regulatory pasteurization controls and sanitary grade instrument, has web-enabled its full product line in a searchable 3D digital catalog, featuring millions of product permutations.

The CADENAS GmbH will soon offer component manufacturers the possibility to explicitly point out environmentally friendly components in their Electronic Product Catalogs,

CADENAS GmbH and the Swedish software supplier Cadenza Software are looking forward to their new partnership. The Swedish company offers CAD conversion software for numerous CAD systems in the mechanical engineering industry. As the perfect complement to the multi CAD orientation of its products, Cadenza will now make the Augsburg software company CADENAS' products available to its customers.

On the 8th and 9th of February 2011, CADENAS GmbH is hosting the 12th Industry Forum in Augsburg, Germany. The international CADENAS Industry Forum targets experts in the mechanical, plant and electrical engineering industries and offers an ideal platform for specialized exchange of experiences.

Goodbye photographer sessions: With the newly developed interface for a 3D rendering program, products from your electronic product catalog eCATALOGsolutions by CADENAS will shine. Now, you can create photorealistic images from your existing 3D geometries at the touch of a button in eCATALOGsolutions.

The CADENAS subsidiary company PARTsolutions LLC and RWM, a leader in caster and wheel manufacturing, have extended their partnership. Already a PARTsolutions LLC customer leveraging eCATALOGsolutions to web-enable a significant portion of its wheel and caster product line, today RWM is investing further in CADENAS' 3D part catalog technology by embedding a configurator directly into its web pages in order to make interactive product configuration a more integral part of its customers' product selection and design processes.

The CADENAS subsidiary company PARTsolutions LLC today announces the completion of the NIBCO online CAD product catalog containing over 700 products. NIBCO INC., a worldwide manufacturer of flow control products, has web-enabled its product line in a 3D CAD digital catalog in order to progressively deliver more than 1,000 configured CAD models each month to its engineer customers.

The CADENAS subsidiary company PARTsolutions LLC and DME Company LLC, an essential mold technologies resource to the plastics industry worldwide, have extended their long-standing partnership. Already a PARTsolutions LLC customer leveraging the software solution eCATALOGsolutions for more than a decade, DME has benefitted from the management of more than 4.5 million CAD files.

With the upcoming version of PARTsolutions, finding similar parts has been greatly simplified, reducing costs more efficiently and lastingly. With its new automatic background search, CADENAS GmbH introduces a new function of the next version 9.02 of the strategic parts management system PARTsolutions. In the future, while users work on their constructions within the software solution PARTsolutions, the geometric similarity search will automatically be started in the background.

Afag Automation AG will be the centre of attention this year at Motek 2010 in Hall 3, Booth 3215. Between the 13th and 16th of September in Stuttgart, CADENAS GmbH will present the Afag Electronic Product Catalog. CADENAS' catalog technology will present Afag's pneumatic and electrical components for handling assembly automation with the aid of many interactive features.

The software manufacturers CADENAS GmbH and Megatech Software GmbH have been working together hand in hand for ten years now. On the occasion of this anniversary, product manager of the CAD / CAM software manufacturer Megatech, Volker Rüger, talks about their cooperation with CADENAS in an interview.

CADENAS GmbH, a leading software supplier in the area of strategic parts management, introduces the newest version of the PARTsolutions software. The new version 9.01 has already been released at the end of May. Many new functions and smarter features, such as enhanced search functions or automatic adjustment of the window layout to the table forms, further simplify the use of the CADENAS software

On Tuesday May 25th 2010 the annual CADENAS Solutions Forum took place in Bologna at the Ducati Auditorium. The main topic of this meeting was the analysis of the costs caused by the management of duplicate parts. The CADENAS Italiana Team presented the whole CADENAS' product and services portfolio for the optimization and standardization of the parts master files.

Tim Thomas, CEO of PARTsolutions LLC, the US subsidiary company of CADENAS Technologies, was a panelist at the Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing & Technology Conference on June 3-4, 2010 at the Delta Hotel in Montreal. The two-day, three-track executive gathering focused on supply chain, manufacturing and operation initiatives

The software manufacturer CADENAS GmbH in Augsburg supports over 300 universities and technical colleges in Europe. Since March 2010, a Croatian high school has been benefiting from CADENAS software solutions.

The software solution PARTsolutions of CADENAS GmbH has received the new certification for Autodesk Inventor 2011. The Autodesk Software for mechanical design and development makes it possible for manufacturers to create a digital prototype with the help of 3D models already before production and to develop, visualize and simulate new products.

PARTsolutions LLC, the US subsidiary of CADENAS Technologies AG is a global provider of 3D parts catalogs for manufacturers and customers, and PBC Linear has announced that they have achieved an increase in sales of more than 700% with the 3D catalog technology PARTsolutions®. As a result, PBC Linear, a worldwide leading company for the development and manufacture of leading linear motion solutions, has decided to implement a further expansion stage.

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Control and movement of parts in the Electronic Product Catalog from CADENAS is child's play with the Wii Remote von Nintendo. Use this new and innovative feature to put your product catalog at the center of attention and attract the attention of your customers and prospective customers.

Make 3D CAD parts come alive in your Electronic Products Catalog with the new 3D glasses from CADENAS. Enjoy the enthusiasm of customers as well as prospects with this new feature.