Milwaukee Cylinder has launched their ISO Metric line of hydraulic cylinders within their online 3D product catalog. Known as MILCAD, the online catalog was designed and built by CADENAS, and provides on-demand access to 3D CAD models of Milwaukee Cylinder products to engineers worldwide.

This year, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) along with their partners CADENAS and IHS, created and launched the 3D CAD catalog of the AIA NAS Fasteners. This week they have launched an all new video announcing the 3D NAS (National Aerospace Standards) Fasteners to the world.

CADENAS’ 3D printing & sharing platform PARTcloud enthralls engineers with brand new feature: For the first time 3D HTML graphics can be easily and quickly created for your own website with

CADENAS’ 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity is becoming a high-flyer and once again set a new record in October 2014: Within one month 10,094,122 CAD models were downloaded.

Fast, reliable and efficient – the configuration software Festo Design Tool 3D reduces the risk of errors when designing and ordering system modules and offers greater convenience. The Festo Design Tool 3D was developed in cooperation with CADENAS the software manufacturer from Augsburg. Delivering system modules as a complete package with one order item simplifies logistics and assembly operations.

CADENAS PARTcommunity 3D CAD models app scores a strike at the automation app award 2014 and took first place in the category “catalog“.

CADENAS publishes the new parts4cad App for users of the cloud-based design and planning tool Autodesk Fusion 360. By means of the app, created by the software manufacturer from Augsburg, engineers have access to millions of 3D Cad models from more than 400 certified manufacturer catalogs.

Standing out in international competition, especially innovation and development in companies, is decisive. CANVAS, a 100 percent subsidiary of the CADENAS group, has been increasing the popularity of CADENAS for more than years and is now also offering this attractive service to catalog customers of CADENAS.

Bird Technologies has launched their all-new online 3D product library complete with an interactive product configurator and native CAD downloads, powered by CADENAS.

Under the motto “Together for your success“ Afag, eps and CADENAS successfully presented themselves at the trade fair Motek in Stuttgart, Germany. We show you the highlights.

The PARTcommunity 3D CAD models app, especially popular among engineers, was upgraded once again: the app, offering access to millions of 3D CAD models from over 400 manufacturer certified catalogs of renowned companies, excels in a new, fresh design with new features.

Practical, fast and up-to-date – that's how the new, freely available 3D CAD model app of the specialist for pipe systems NORO presents itself, based on the app technology of the software manufacturer CADENAS from Augsburg. With this application, engineers and purchasers can browse NORO's product catalog on the go, download CAD models and call up information about new developments.

For more and more engineers, designers and developers, the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity has become an indispensable work tool: In September, PARTcommunity by CADENAS registered over 9.1 million downloads of CAD models of popular manufacturers from more than 400 electronic product catalogs.

Thomas & Betts recently solved their need for product photography by utilizing CADENAS digital product images service. The solution, which is much less costly than traditional photography provided the electrical component manufacturer with highly accurate product images in a fraction of the time and cost.

Hapman, an industrial manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment and systems, has recently launched their all-new online interactive design tool for their line of bulk bag unloaders. Powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, the interactive design tool will enable engineers to instantly configure and design the exact machine they need.

The AMB – international exhibition for metal work – is the biannual, in Stuttgart situated leading trade fare for machining technology. Included were many partners and customers of CADENAS, who presented themselves there with help from the many different products based on eCATALOGsolutions Technology by CADENAS.

The response was tremendous: From all corners of Germany, a very diverse collection of projects was submitted to the Engineering Newcomer Challenge 2014. With only a few more weeks to go until the great award ceremony at the Motek 2014, now six favorites have been chosen from which the three winners will be selected.

Considering the vast number of components in an average manufacturing company’s parts library, it’s no wonder why problems of confusion and parts mismanagement arise. For most, the solution appears to be straightforward, create a simple classification system based on physical features of the parts. However, upon more analysis, implementation of these systems run into problems.

PHD Inc. has expanded their electronic parts catalog to provide in-depth product, user history and download information for their users. Built upon the CADENAS PARTsolutions eCATALOGsolutions platform, the interactive online catalog enables users to configure, download and specify the exact PHD part they need.

To stay relevant in the global competition, companies have to keep product costs as low as possible. First and foremost, this can be made possible through an optimal cooperation between engineering and purchasing. This is where the so called PURCHINEERING strategy in combination with strategic parts management comes into play.

The trade journal konstruktionspraxis asked Werner Küntzler, Channel Marketing Director at Siemens PLM software, for the top 5 new features of Solid Edge ST7. With: CADENAS PARTsolutions.

The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity by CADENAS really can’t complain about a lack of popularity: In addition to close to 12.500 fans in their worldwide Facebook community, the portal registered 9.073 786 downloads of CAD models of popular manufacturers from more than 400 Electronic Product Catalogs. Thereby, PARTcommunity is well on the way to crack the 10 million downloads/month mark until the end of the year.

For many component manufacturers, the premise „the customer is king” is on the top of the list because they already provide them with 3D CAD models of their components as downloads through an Electronic Product Catalog. But to provide a comprehensive customer service and to support engineers and purchasing agents in the most optimal way possible, it’s necessary to supply them not only with pure geometrics but also with additional component information and meta data.

Companies have always relied on quality and durability when buying machines. However, if a spare part is necessary after several decades, it can get difficult to find the right component. To identify such parts, even with a missing label and with little effort, only two things are necessary: A 3D scanner and CADENAS’ Intelligent Finding technology.

Since August, PARTcommunity is equipped with the new PARTcloud function: This 3D Sharing Platform allows users to share original content with colleagues, friends an other PARTcommunity members. Now, CADENAS hosts the PARTcloud 3D Sharing Challenge.

Bob’s got a problem. He has a big project he’s working on and needs to spec a bunch of component parts, including cylinders for his design. He knows “off the shelf” won’t work for his application, but he’s having a tough time finding the right part from paper catalogs. The solution: A custom product configurator.

As part of the Bionic Learning Networks, Festo AG, a specialist for factory and process automatization, realized a remarkable project: A robot that not just looks like a Kangaroo but also moves like one.

For years, the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity by CADENAS has been a top address for engineers looking for 3D CAD models of components. PARTcommunity has now been augmented with the new PARTcloud function: With this innovative tool, engineers can also upload 3D CAD models of their self constructed components and share them with friends and coworkers as well as make them available for download.

CADENAS is proud to announce their membership into the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA), the preeminent association for the industrial power transmission/motion control distribution channel.

RÖHM is known as a worldwide leader in clamping and chucking tool technology. To create their products they use more than 12,000 standard and supplier products, in addition to their own internally designed parts. With so many parts, streamlining product search and selection was critical to meet the needs of RÖHM’s 1500 employees at 60 facilities worldwide. RÖHM has worked closely with CADENAS, utilizing their parts management system to reduce duplicate parts, aide part search and reduce design time.

To be on the cutting edge is the stated goal of the OWIS GmbH, a global leading manufacturer of optical beam handling and positioning systems. Thus, since March 2014 the company provides in collaboration with the software developer CADENAS extensive product records in various formats to download.

Littleford Inc. maker of industrial mixers, dryers and reactors, have launched their all-new interactive design tool. The online resource, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions enables a customer to design their machine online, to their exact specifications, in real-time. Offering infinite configurable variations, the interactive tool enables customers to receive quotes much more quickly as well as saving time on design iterations and revisions. The process to design and specify a Littleford product has been reduced from six weeks to just days.

More than 450 000 times, the PARTcommunity 3D CAD models app by CADENAS has been downloaded. Especially with engineers, purchasers and students, the app is very popular, since it allows access to millions of 3D CAD models from more than 400 certified catalogs of well known manufacturers.

CADENAS asked our favorite marketing guru, Achinta Mitra, to answer one of the toughest industrial marketing questions: How do you reach engineers? They want what they need, and nothing more, so how do you dazzle them with your marketing prowess?

The short answer? Think of yourself as Joe Friday “Just the facts ma’am. Just the facts”
Cut the fluff and give them what they need, they’ll thank you for it.

In June the PTC Live Global 2014 fair toke place in Boston for the 25th time. The event addresses itself at mechanical engineers and professionals of the IT-sector. About 2500 participants could catch up about new products and best practice of PTC and their partner solutions as well as participate at trainings for enhanced product design and development. Tim Thomas, CEO of the CADENAS US subsidiary, CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, was interviewed by Jeffrey Rowe, a reporter of MCADcafe, about current trends on the CAD market.

Why should a modern company have their own app?
Before we answer this question, you should ask yourself, why has your company its own website?

The PARTcommunity 3D CAD models app by CADENAS is now available in the latest version 3.0.4. Besides many other optimizations in function and design, the popular, over 450.000 downloaded app now possesses the trendsetting sketch search.

Maverick buying is one of those frustrating, head scratching occurrences that happen at companies both large and small. Most commonly this is an issue that afflicts large manufacturing businesses, and costs millions yearly in wasted time and lost revenue.

CAPVIDIA, a world leader in 3D engineering software, announces a newly established cooperation with CADENAS GmbH, a world market leader for standard parts software solutions.

CADENAS released the latest version of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions. Version 9.8 is characterized by more speed and better performance. Highlights are the accelerated intelligent finding functions based on the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch, the 2D Sketch-, Topology- and Full-text Search as well as the simplified remote access with a central hosting on the new Application Server web service.

NKK Switches, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switching devices, and CADENAS, a global provider of online product configurators, today announced the migration of their 3D switch library and configurator directly to NKK's website.

There's a saying by Mark Twain "Clothes make the man: Naked people have little or no influence on society." This perfectly true aphorism can also be applied to the business world: The web presence makes the company. Therefore it is all the more important to create a web presence that makes a good impression, catches the attention of the visitor and shows the visitor what he needs to find. This is why a great number of manufacturers have already opted for the new PARTcommunity embedded technology. With this advancement in the field of electronic product catalogs the complete 3 D CAD download portal, based on CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology, is integrated into the website in the course of improving the web presence. Thus customers have direct access to all 3 D CAD data of the product catalog.

A big product selection offers customers many options to realize their ideas and desires. The search for the suitable part, however, can quickly become a needle-in-the-haystack situation. At the Industry Forum 2014 Dipl.-Ing. Anatol Kligermann explained how the company Balluff solved this challenge in cooperation with CADENAS by means of product selectors in its electronic product catalog.

HiCAD, the popular software from ISD was now released in the new 2014 version. Among the highlights of the software are a tool for simulating moving parts functions and integrating Electronic Product Catalogs of CADENAS, the software manufacturer from Augsburg.

Baumann Automation Co., Ltd. is considered one of the most important global partners for automated assembly technology. As of May 2014, Baumann will be using CADENAS strategic parts management PARTsolutions to ensure the quality of imported data and for better control of the used catalog parts.

In cooperation with CADENAS, AHP Merkle relies on mobile technology and has developed an app for calculation assistants and a specialized app for in-house process optimization. Patrick Mußler, international sales manager at AHP Merkle, introduced both innovations at the CADENAS Industry Forum 2014.

Sales processes are, more than ever, depending on the right use of new media. In the course of the Industry Forum 2014, Völker Göpel, CEO of AMF, presented how media use for customers and sales is controlled in his company.

CADENAS 3D CAD model app cracked the amount of 400 000 installations. The PARTcommunity 3D CAD model app has been offering engineers and purchasers mobile access to thousands of components from more than 400 manufacturer certified catalogs of international leading companies since May 2012. The app is available for the current operating systems iOS™ and Android™ and can be downloaded for free under

LinkAble, the strategic partner of CADENAS in China, received the “2013 China Manufacturing Outstanding Supplier of 3D Part Library" Award for the eCATALOGsolutions Technology by CADENAS at this year’s Chinese Manufacturing CIO Forum in Beijing.

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) is taking a giant step forward in revolutionizing the way industry standard parts are authored, distributed, and consumed. The AIA recently announced that its National Aerospace Standards (NAS) will be available in an authorized digital 3D catalog for the first time, in partnership with global information company, IHS Inc., and Cadenas PARTsolutions. The new 3D digital NAS promise to dramatically increase aerospace engineering and supply chain efficiencies.

Toshiba International Corporation’s Motors & Drives Division and CADENAS PARTsolutions, a global provider of online product configurators, announce a quarterly increase of 360% for downloaded CAD models from Toshiba’s online parts catalog.

At the end of the year the 400 electronic product catalogs recorded nearly 8.5 million downloads per month of CAD models from renowned manufacturers. Thus the download figures grew significantly within the shortest amount of time: in March 2012, 6 million downloads were recorded for the first time and in May about 7.5 million downloads.

The PARTcommunity mobile web app allows component manufacturers, customers and sales to provide mobile access to their own electronic product catalogs at a reasonable price and platform independently.

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology with 121 production companies in 26 countries. ZF is one of the ten largest automotive suppliers worldwide. Since 2005 ZF has been using CADENAS strategic parts management PARTsolutions at 2400 workstations to manage standard and supplier parts.

CADENAS PARTsolutions customer, Kuka knows a thing or two about robots, and now they can say their robots know a thing or two about ping-pong (ok table tennis if you need to be a dork about it).

Whoever wants to be successful abroad has to be prepared to attune to the prevailing conditions. Due to many foreign branch offices situated around the globe, CADENAS is very familiar with the prevailing conditions abroad. This way CADENAS can position its own app software and the software of the customers reliably on the challenging Chinese online market.

The 15th CADENAS Industry Forum from 11 to 12 February 2013 was again attended by more than 200 professional visitors who informed themselves and exchanged ideas about current innovations and trends from the mechanical, electrical and plant engineering sector.

Since January the 3.0 version of CADENAS' PARTcommunity 3D CAD download portal is online. The new version impresses with numerous new convenience functions that helps to find parts even easier and faster.

CADENAS and CAXA present the new PARTcommunity portal especially customized for CAXA, offering the biggest collection of online catalogs for CAD models in native forms for the Chinese design software CAXA 3D.

The times when architects had to develop their drafts with a pencil and scale paper are long gone. Like in many other professions, increasingly more architects rely on computer generated 3D CAD models for their designs.

Find instead of search is the motto under which the technical search engine Fiarch It was developed by the software manufacturer CADENAS from Augsburg. The search engine was especially designed to find 3D CAD components and offers engineers the possibility to precisely find the desired part under millions of components.

The Swiss company Lista Office holds a leading position for office furniture systems. To manage the constantly growing complexity of spare part catalogs, Liste Office relies on CADENAS’ technology, the software manufacturer from Augsburg, when managing and selecting design and supplier parts.

Burger & Brown Engineering customers have an all-new tool at their fingertips when they select their next product through Users now have the ability to “step inside the inventory,” giving them the power to configure and create 3D CAD models of Smartflow® manifolds to their exact specifications. The digital parts catalog was created by CADENAS, who specializes in driving revenue for industrial manufacturers with digital catalogs and 3D CAD models.

CADENAS sets the curve with another year of unprecedented growth. Users downloaded 86.4 million digital 3D parts from over 400 electronic product catalogs, with monthly downloads ranging from 7 to 8.5 million. This consistent upward trend puts CADENAS on pace to surpass the 100 million download mark in 2014.

Nippon Pulse Motor (NPM), a company founded upon a concept of putting the customer first, has been building electric motors since 1962. Over the last 3 years, NPM has seen a 900% increase in downloads via their digital product catalog. Their business growth has increased simultaneously with an ongoing focus on customer service and technical support. Now, 50 years after their humble beginnings, NPM is using the latest technology to reach new heights. NPM marketing, sales and service have been inundated with positive feedback from their customers, regarding their digital product catalog by CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC.

Since January CADENAS’ PARTcommunity 3D CAD download portal is online in version 3.0. The new version boasts many new convenience functions, making it even easier and faster to find parts.

Sheffer Corporation continues to grow their portfolio of downloadable CAD models by expanding their online product catalog to include the C20 Series, cast iron heavy-duty pneumatic cylinders. The CAD models will be available via configurable interface designed by CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, and embedded within the Sheffer Corporation website,