ARI metal is now on CADENAS portal with an Electronic Product Catalog

A specific area with the technical sheets of all products in 3D and 2D format


ARI metal offers a new service to customers: the possibility to download the complete catalog with technical drawings of all products, in both 3D and 2D formats, directly from CADENAS' PARTcommunity.

A cooperation to offer the high quality products of ARI metal…

arimetal product overview

For more than twenty years ARI metal has been specialized in the development of the modular structural system “ALUMINUM PROFILE SYSTEM®”, based on modular anodized aluminum profiles which are very flexible for mechanical structures, economical in their applications and ready-to-use. The ARI metal components are designed for an easy and quick mounting. Thanks to the wide range of accessories and components, it is possible to create a great variety of customized solutions and specific applications and systems according to customer requirements.

The structures assembled with anodized aluminum do not require a particular maintenance. Furthermore, they can be disassembled, modified and re-mounted in a very short time, allowing a considerable cost reduction. Thanks to the modular system “ALUMINUM PROFILE SYSTEM®” ARI metal is also a manufacturer of products for the light industry: modular protection systems, frames, load-bearing structures and systems for internal handling.

… exploiting all the marketing potential of CADENAS

CADENAS is a leading software manufacturer in the areas of Strategic Parts Management and parts reduction as well as Electronic CAD Product Catalogs. In particular, CADENAS’ 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity has become the most popular web-site with 3D CAD models of renowned international manufacturers.

arimetal PARTcommunity

The reasons that caused ARI metal to establish a partnership with CADENAS and create its page in the portal are: to offer to its customers and prospects interested in the technical details of the products, the possibility to download the data directly in an easy and fast way.

The CAD catalog of ARI metal is available on, with all 2D technical drawings and 3D CAD models. In the specific ARI metal page it is possible to view the technical sheets and also to export all information in PDF for a better consultation. Furthermore, requests for additional information or for quotation about the desired product can be sent immediately.

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