ASKUBAL facilitates the export of its products with new Electronic Product Catalog

Customs tariff numbers for each ASKUBAL component makes international shipping child's play

Creating customs papers for international shipping usually means tedious and time-consuming work. This is considerably simplified with the new ASKUBAL Electronic Product Catalog at Besides component information such as color, texture and kinematics, the respective eight-digit customs number of the component is also provided. With the help of the Electronic Product Catalog, based on CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology, the ASK Kugellagerfabrik Artur Seyfert GmbH (ASK bearings factory) thus offers its customers 3D CAD models with numerous intelligent functions that go well beyond mere geometry.

The ASK Kugellagerfabrik Artur Seyfert (ASK bearings factory) produces and sells, among other things, ball, roller and pivot bearings, swivel heads, housing units, curve and support rollers as well as steel balls. The medium-sized family company has been keeping things rolling for over 70 years with the brands ASK®, Askubal®, Asahi® und McGill®.

International shipping made easy

The recording of customs tariff numbers in the product catalog facilitates the export of components significantly. In former times, customers of the ASK Kugellagerfabrik Artur Seyfert (ASK bearings factory) had to search for and specify the customs tariff number for each component individually, in order to create the customs papers for international shipping. Shipping of components is significantly easier and faster with the new customs tariff number service.

At, engineers and purchasers can download the 3D CAD models of ASKUBAL as well as the resp. customs tariff number easily and conveniently.

3D CAD models of ASKUBAL simplify and speed up designs

Thanks to the download portal ASKUBAL, engineers and purchasers can download 3D CAD models of swivel heads and pivot bearings as well as ASK housing units in over 100 common CAD formats and integrate them directly into their CAD systems. In addition, a clear 3D PDF data sheet of the desired component supplies all the important product information. The search for a concrete ASKUBAL component is made easier by the extensive search functions of the download portal: Search based on a 2D sketch as well as a full text search are both possible.

The 3D CAD download portal of ASKUBAL is available at:

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