AVENTICS launches catalog of configurable NFPA cylinders built by CADENAS

Pneumatics manufacturer streamlines path to product information for their customers

AVENTICS USA, a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic products, has recently launched an all-new catalog of configurable NFPA cylinders. Built by CADENAS, the new catalog provides on-demand access to design NFPA cylinders directly within the AVENTICS website. The new NFPA cylinder configurator provides instant access for users to search, configure and download product information in more than 100 native and neutral formats.

“Formerly a customer would contact us with their specific requirements, and our design engineering group would create a custom CAD model for them from scratch,” says Fredrick Goodman, Head of Product Management – Drives at AVENTICS USA. “That’s a lot of engineering work invested, and we may never hear from that customer again. Our engineering team loves the new tool because their workload has decreased, and our customers love it because we are providing the information they need faster and in more formats than ever before.”

AVENTICS is enhancing their digital customer experience by streamlining the path to product information, such as interactive PDF data sheets and native 3D CAD models.

“AVENTICS is striving to be the pneumatics company that is easy to do business with,” adds Goodman. “Being easy to work with means answering questions quickly and accurately. By providing on demand access to our customers, we give them the ability to quickly and accurately answer the questions themselves. That’s something this new generation expects, and we’re meeting the challenge.”

“Differentiation is one of the primary objectives for any manufacturer,” adds Jay Hopper, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, a member of the CADENAS group. “AVENTICS is using customer service and on-demand access to customize products as a powerful way to differentiate their NFPA cylinders from the rest of the industry.”

The 3D CAD models of the NFPA cylinders by AVENTICS can be found for download at:

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