Before laying pipe systems, better check with the CADENAS app

The mobile 3D CAD application allows access to NORO products on the go

Practical, fast and up-to-date– that's how the new, freely available 3D CAD model app of the specialist for pipe systems NORO presents itself, based on the app technology of the software manufacturer CADENAS from Augsburg. With this application, engineers and purchasers can browse NORO's product catalog on the go, download CAD models and call up information about new developments.

NORO App powered by CADENAS

Customer focused and supporting sales

NOROThe NORO app for Android and iOS performs two functions: On the one hand, customers can easily find information and 3D CAD models of NORO products, and send them to their workplace. On the other hand, the technology allows sales staff to immediately find the suitable model while talking to customers, integrate it into fixtures and create realistic simulations for the customer. This is made possible with the Augmented Reality technology for 3D CAD models.

The most important reason for introducing the 3D CAD model app is how it accelerates development: Users normally have to work with different platforms for their projects. For working efficiently it is therefore essential to conduct similarity searches, have intelligent search systems and effectively structured catalog data. All of this is now provided by the NORO app with data from the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity.

Features for NORO customers & sales

Benefits of NORO's 3D CAD model app:

  • Free download of 2D and 3D CAD models from NORO's product catalog
  • The CAD models are available in all important CAD formats
  • Mobile access to all 3D CAD models at any time

Here you can find the NORO app for download:


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Success with solution-driven advice and innovation

The NORO Gesellschaft für Rohrsysteme is the specialist company for pipe systems in modular construction. NORO sells stainless steel pipes worldwide as well as distributors, metal pipe connections and bulk material pipelines or dust removal pipelines respectively. The simple modular principle of the pipe systems ensures quick exchangeability and uncomplicated assembly. An important element of the corporate concept is the solution-driven advice. To provide NORO customers even better service and a more simple access to different products, the new, innovative NORO app was created.

Your product catalog as individual CADENAS app

Besides NORO many other renowned companies have already realized the benefits of mobile product access: Afag, igus, PHD 3D and AMF already have an individual 3D CAD CADENAS app.

Are you a manufacturer of components and would like to provide your products in a simple app?
With an individual CADENAS app engineers and purchasers can browse your product catalog for components and even configure them with their mobile device.

For more information about the app for component manufacturers, please visit:

For more information about CADENAS' PARTcommunity 3D CAD model app, please visit:

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