Big success with small positioning pin: 3D CAD portal powered by CADENAS helps DOCERAM to significantly increase sales

Thanks to intelligent CAD data, DOCERAM positioning pins are used in new body plant of premium car manufacturer

Since 2019, DOCERAM GmbH has been using a digital product catalog based on eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS GmbH to provide 3D CAD models of its high-performance ceramic components. Bit by bit, the company expanded its CAD portfolio - with great success. It has already brought about supply contracts for major projects that have led to a considerable increase in sales and consequently a high ROI. For example, DOCERAM was able to readily provide 3D CAD product data of its positioning pins for a purchase order by a well-known plant manufacturer. These will be used in body-in-white applications for the new body plant of a premium automotive manufacturer. "This contract alone already brought us a considerable increase in turnover. More than 500 CAD models of fully configured positioning pins were downloaded for this worldwide," states Jens Cremer, International Key Account Manager Automotive at DOCERAM.

3D CAD product catalog: Easy customer support, greater project involvement, internal process savings

"Our CAD portal is a tremendous help for both our customer and our employees. We can easily provide our digital planning data in multiple languages, which is a great advantage for international projects like this," reports Jens Cremer. "The digital product catalog also enables us to directly get in contact with the involved engineers from all over the world. For example, we were able to quickly and effectively support the design engineers in India commissioned for the project in case of any ambiguities."

DOCERAM is now much more involved in the project than in analog times. "We as component manufacturer are receiving consistent information for the first time thanks to our CAD portal. We have been involved in the plant manufacturer's project since the initial meeting with their purchasing and design departments. In previous projects, we were only brought on board during maintenance. This means that we are always up to date and can offer our customers a well-founded and tailor-made service," explains Cremer.

Considerable increase in turnover with the help of eCATALOGsolutions technology

The DOCERAM success story continues: The internal process costs were significantly reduced by implementing 3D CAD models. Previously, customers’ product data requests had to be created manually by technical draftsmen. This work was taken off the department's hands as eCATALOGsolutions generates digital product data on-the-fly in over 150 different CAD formats. "The decision to use the digital product catalog service by CADENAS was a complete success for DOCERAM. Since the launch, more than hundreds of active designers worldwide have already registered on our portal, downloading several thousand CAD files. We have already supplied the new body plant with 700 positioning pins and we are expecting a considerable increase in sales, to which CADENAS has made a decisive contribution," Cremer says.

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