BIM & CAD data from SCHELL fittings powered by CADENAS ensure fast & error-free object planning

New BIM & CAD service offers simple, flexible, convenient service for planners & architects through intelligent product data

Revit, AutoCAD, IFC, ALLPLAN, ARCHICAD, SketchUp files and much more - from now on SCHELL GmbH & Co. KG provides digital data of its products in more than 150 CAD & BIM formats in cooperation with CADENAS. With the new BIM/CAD service, architects and planners can easily and dynamically integrate SCHELL fittings into their digital object planning.

The BIM/CAD service is based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology for digital product catalogs by CADENAS. Thanks to direct integration, it is conveniently accessible 24/7 via the German SCHELL website. Users can find the BIM & CAD data of their favorite fittings both under the "Service" tab and on the corresponding product detail page for the individual product, such as the XERIS E-T electronic washbasin fitting.

Desired data formats for flexible work

"With our new service, the number of available data formats that SCHELL can offer its customers has multiplied," says Christian Albus, project manager at SCHELL GmbH. The digital product data can thus be used in a variety of ways: From classic exchange formats, such as DWG, DXF or STEP files, to other CAD/BIM formats of popular planning and architecture software, such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD or Allplan, to objects for architectural visualization in 3D Studio MAX, for example. This allows architects and planners to select exactly those formats that can be perfectly integrated into their own working environment. The data is then made available for download and SCHELL products can be used smoothly in personal planning - with the desired level of detail.

Numerous additional functions enable, among other things, in-depth spatial and collision planning

The level of detail (LOD) can be selected from low to high. This enables fast work for dimensioning and collision planning, but also in-depth spatial planning with design illustrations. Even before downloading the corresponding data, SCHELL products can be displayed in the viewer and the illustration can be adjusted. Whether 2D or 3D, with measurement grid or in section - the setting options are manifold. Even the shading can be modified and the dimensioning can be displayed in different views. Depending on the product, important variables can also be easily changed to fit individual planning. For example, with the SCHELL WC module MONTUS, the height adjustment, the screw spacing or even the depth can be adjusted so that it fits exactly into the designed sanitary room.

Connection points for convenient and error-free planning

"The connection points stored in the data are also particularly helpful for architects and planners. If the CAD or BIM software used can process these, users are informed if the fitting is placed incorrectly," says Ilija Zivadinovic, Head of Contract Business at SCHELL GmbH. "For example, objects that can only be installed standing on the floor can also be integrated into the planning only standing on the floor. In this way, missing connections do not become a problem in the first place."

Free access and future expansion of SCHELL product data

To download SCHELL's BIM & CAD data, all that is required is a free registration on the SCHELL website, on the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity or within the technical search engine 3Dfindit powered by CADENAS. "The integration of our product data is a continuous process for us. So it's worth checking in regularly when starting a new design. Because in the future, many more SCHELL product data will be available via the BIM/CAD service," says Christian Albus.

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