BIM Plugin: New version available for Allplan, Archicad, AutoCAD, AVEVA E3D Design, BricsCAD, Revit, Tekla & Vectorworks

Manufacturer-verified BIM and CAD objects seamlessly integrated into the target system

The latest version of the popular Plugin is here: CADENAS updated the Universal Plugin for Allplan 2022, Archicad® 25, AutoCAD® 2023, BricsCAD® V22, Tekla 2021, Revit® 2023, Vectorworks® 2022 as well as as well as the separate Plugin for AVEVA E3D Design (Version 2.1 or higher). It offers architects and designers a huge selection of manufacturer-verified component models for free download from architecture and mechanical engineering directly in their trusted software environment, making time-consuming imports of product geometries a thing of the past.

Prior to installation, the user selects the appropriate content to download. There is a choice of BIM or mechanical engineering catalogs or the complete package to download. Once the installation is completed, the plugin and its features are conveniently located in the toolbar of the target system. Users can now quickly find the required component, configure it and load it directly into their design. After the transfer to the target system, the plugin generates the desired object in real time, including optimized file size and full usability. The component can then be positioned with the mouse cursor using the functions of the CAD system.

Manufacturer updates in real time, OpenBIM compatibility, choice of different LOG

Much of the BIM data supports different Level of Geometry (LOG), allowing the user to easily switch between them during the design process. The plugin is also consistently linked to the original manufacturer data so that products receive verified manufacturer updates. In addition, the plugin provides OpenBIM compatibility at product level with full content for Allplan, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, AVEVA E3D Design, BricsCAD, Revit and Vectorworks, so users can easily switch between the systems.

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