CADENAS Client Bishop Wisecarver Launch New Digital Product Catalog with Pardot Marketing Automation Integration

Industrial Manufacturer Now Provides Free Downloadable Content in more than 150 Formats

Bishop Wisecarver (BWC), a leader in linear and rotary motion components has launched an all-new digital product catalog, built by CADENAS. The catalog, which can be found at was the result of numerous customer requests for models in a wider variety of native CAD formats. In addition to meeting customer demands, the BWC digital product catalog will serve as a primary driver of marketing data with a direct integration to their Pardot marketing automation software.

Bishop Wisecarver is best known for their DualVee linear vee groove guide wheels and track, in addition to a wide-variety of linear and rotary industrial motion products. BWC was an early adopter of digital product catalog technology, previously employing a solution with limited CAD format support. After gathering feedback from their customer base, BWC created a competitive matrix to evaluate their online catalog against all other technologies available.

The BWC competitive matrix is one of the most impressive analyses of digital product catalog technology that we have ever seen,” says CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC CEO Tim Thomas. “They left no stone unturned, comparing the features of our eCATALOGsolutions software against every solution on the market. They used the research to build upon their past experience, becoming digital part catalog connoisseurs in the process.”

“Our goal was to remove barriers and simplify our customer’s online experience, and we weren’t leaving that to chance,” says Scott McClintock VP of Marketing at Bishop Wisecarver. “Our engineering team did an exhaustive analysis and selected CADENAS for many reasons, primarily their ability to support more than 150 formats and their wide breadth of ways we can use our digital models within their ecosystem. We now have a buffet of options at our fingertips.”

As part of the project Bishop Wisecarver and CADENAS built an integration to Pardot, their marketing automation software.

Scott McClintock adds, “As we assessed the scale and scope of this project, the ability to directly tie-in with our existing suite of software was a very important feature. CADENAS provided us the opportunity to directly link the catalog to Pardot, our marketing automation program. As a marketer, that’s huge for me. We use the Pardot as the login for the digital parts catalog, now we receive real-time data and customer insights, all within a software package we were already using.”

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