CADENAS CRM Connector simplifies sales

From now on, you as a manufacturer can see directly in your CRM system who is downloading your 3D models on the CADENAS portals, which is made possible by the cooperation with

Convert the leads from your manufacturer portal and now easily, quickly and conveniently into customers. CADENAS has developed a solution together with to integrate your download statistics directly into your customer relationship management software (CRM system: the CADENAS CRM Connector. The connection to the widely used systems of HubSpot and Salesforce is already possible. In a next step, the programs from Microsoft and further popular solutions are already in planning.

How does the CADENAS CRM Connector work?

Until now, you could view and export the download statistics data of your manufacturer catalog online via the dashboard. From now on, the CADENAS CRM Connector relieves you of this work step. This is because the middleware regularly accesses the information in the CADENAS backend and then transfers the data loss-free and DSGVO-compliant to your end application. But the application is capable of even more:



  • administrates the downloads of all your catalogs centrally
  • prepares the data sets for your HubSpot or Salesforce
  • sorts out duplicates or specific domains on demand
  • updates contacts and activities every hour
  • transfers the information which part has been downloaded

The important information appears in your CRM system as if by magic. You work in just one program and save yourself the time-consuming data maintenance.

Create with the CRM connection

  • analyses
  • blacklists for e-mails and domains
  • the basis for advanced, automated workflows in your CRM system

Focus on the essentials – communicating with your customers and prospects.

You never want to miss a lead again? Then ask your CADENAS contact person about the new CADENAS CRM Connector or contact us by mail at

More user friendliness

CADENAS is constantly working on making its own software solutions more user friendly. In addition to the new CRM connection and a constantly growing number of 3D CAD and BIM models for free download in the database, the company has also recently launched the visual search engine This is a further development of the B2B PARTcommunity, with additional search methods, modern design and intuitive user interface.

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