CADENAS is ECLASS Preferred Partner Gold

Manufacturers and plant and machine engineers who want to introduce the ECLASS standard can count on the qualified support of CADENAS as a Gold Partner of ECLASS

CADENAS and ECLASS have been working together since 2012 to standardize product data across industries. Now golden times are dawning for the collaboration. CADENAS has reached the status of a Preferred Partner Gold of the association. This title is only awarded to IT service providers with outstanding expertise in implementing the standard.

CADENAS has been supporting manufacturers as well as plant and machine engineers in launching ECLASS for years. Services include consulting, both in general and for specific application possibilities, installation of the software, and support during implementation in various IT systems. 

Together for high standards

CADENAS has been able to demonstrate its expertise in many successfully implemented projects, such as the launch of ECLASS at component manufacturers Phoenix Contact and EATON Corporation. Both companies have prepared their product data in the form of 3D CAD catalogs and additionally provide them with features classified according to ECLASS.

The cooperation between CADENAS and ECLASS does not only benefit the customers of eCATALOGsolutions, but also the users of PARTsolutions who want standardized product data in their ERP systems to optimize their engineering and sales processes. 

You want to market your component data classified according to ECLASS via CADENAS or implement ECLASS? As Preferred Partner Gold we are happy to assist you. Please send an email to

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