CADENAS guest presentation at a Turkish university gave students insights into the world of 3D CAD models

CEO of the Turkish CADENAS subsidiary gave practical tips to future engineers for their daily work routine

CADENAS guest presentation at a Turkish university

In March 2019, CEO Akin Terzi of CADENAS Turkey gave a lecture at the Celat Bayar University in the Turkish city of Manisa near Izmir. At the invitation of Prof. Dr. Enver Atik, Akin Terzi presented to over 50 students and academics the possibilities offered by the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity with its interactive search methods, such as the Geometric Similarity Search.

Practical tips and tricks instead of dry theory

The CADENAS presentation provided the students the opportunity to extend their theoretical knowledge to real application examples in practice. Besides glimpses into the personal experiences of his work life, Akin Terzi gave the participants numerous tips and tricks based on practical examples.

Following the presentation, the participants took the opportunity to discuss in detail the advantages of online CAD download portals, such as PARTcommunity, for engineers and designers as well as for component manufacturers.

At the close of the event, the students and academics were awarded personal certificates of participation, presented to them by Prof. Dr. Enver Atik, Gülsüm Bilekli as chairman of the student club, and Akin Terzi.

"In view of the great interest and positive feedback I've received from the students, we are already planning more interactive presentations also at other universities and educational institutions in Turkey," says Akin Terzi as the CEO of the Turkish CADENAS subsidiary. "It's the ideal way to raise the awareness early on of junior engineers of 3D CAD models in engineering and to introduce to them our innovative solutions."

The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity by CADENAS is available at:

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