CADENAS PARTcommunity extends its leading role as the worldwide most visited 3D CAD model website of manufacturer catalogs*

Far more than 3D CAD models due to innovative features

*Source: Statistics from

Bologna, den 30th October 2012. CADENAS’ 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity is worldwide in the top rank of 3D CAD model manufacturer websites. Last month the worldwide ranking of the PARTcommunity website improved by 8000 positions from rank 80,000 to rank 72,000 according to Alexa (

Alexa calls itself a web information company and currently many international market leaders see it as the instrument for web traffic. At the moment Alexa ranks more than 30 million websites worldwide.

Alexa Ranking: free 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity

Moreover the CAD download portal PARTcommunity has a very high visibility, resulting from more than 2.4 million indexed sites within the Google search engine.

3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity: high visibility at google

With over 10,000 Facebook fans worldwide, the free 3D CAD model – is the Facebook Page with the most “Likes“ among 3D CAD manufacturers.

Far more than 3D CAD models due to innovative features

My Smart Catalog is a worldwide novelty: CADENAS reinvents the print catalog. Due to the innovative combination of QR Codes, engineers can download CAD models in just one step directly from the print catalog. This novelty is already patent pending and available exclusively to customers of CADENAS worldwide.

Geometric similarity search GEOsearch: The innovative Geometric Similarity search allows engineers to search the available product catalogs of all component manufacturers for geometrically similar parts and make their decisions on this basis.

Search by 2D sketch: In CADENAS’ Electronic Product Catalogs, engineers can simply find the desired part with a 2D sketch. The innovative feature allows search in all languages without using words.

Numerous vertical market places: With a potential of more than 7 million engineers, the 3D CAD models of the manufacturers’ Electronic Product Catalogs reach just the right target group. Calculate the potential of your CAD product catalog now at:

Trade fair entertainment: Due to CADENAS’ innovative trade fair entertainment package, the amount of people visiting CADENAS’ customers at the trade fair increased by 30-60 %. Attractions like 3D glasses, QR Codes and controlling 3D CAD models with a Wii or Kinect, astonished visitors and made the exhibition of component manufacturers to an unforgettable event.

Succesful banner strategy: Innovative context-sensitive banners gave CADENAS’ customers outstanding click rates. In contrast to conventional email advertisement, visitors do not see banners aimed at search terms as spam. CADENAS is one of the pioneers in the field of context sensitive advertisement.

CADENAS stops plagiarism!

We would like to provide our outstanding ideas exclusively to our customers. To protect our innovative features from copycats, we pursue the strategy of registering a patent or applying for utility model protection of these features.

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