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Architects, engineers and building planners, who work in the civil engineering, architecture and building sector, depend more and more on 3D CAD models with comprehensive information for their design work and modelling of buildings. The exchange format IFC thereby takes on a specially important role. IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is a BIM exchange format (Building Information Modeling) developed by buildingSMART. The aim is to enable architects, engineers and developers to effectively use CAD and CAFM systems as well as other software tools and to fully exchange information free of error.

The standardized file format IFC provides trouble-free data transfer for architecture software

As a leading manufacturer of 3D CAD product catalogs, CADENAS supports the IFC exchange format with the help of an interface. It is a registered, standardized, system-neutral data interface, according to ISO 16739 (IFC2x3), for the describing of digital building models.

BIM - IFC Data Formats

Thanks to the IFC interface, architects, engineers and building planners are able to import components directly from more than 400 product catalogs of well-known manufacturers, including master data of parts such as manufacturer name, product name, tender text, order number as well as the 2D and 3D CAD geometry into their CAD system (e.g. Tekla Structures, Nemetschek Allplan, etc.).

Example: Tekla BIMsight

Especially for the tendering of public building projects, the data of construction models is increasingly asked for in IFC format. Another incentive for existing CADENAS catalog customers to offer their CAD models in IFC format as well.

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With, you can make your product portfolio available to your target group in all CAD formats common for the architecture and building sector. Benefit from this offer to market you product portfolio worldwide and reach new and prospective customers.
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Marketing of products for the building industry is child’s play

CADENAS makes ideal marketing possibilities available to all component manufacturers who offer your products for the building and architecture industry, previously without 3D CAD models, by means of an electronic product catalog.

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