CADENAS supports Augmented Reality for your Electronic Product Catalog

Augmented Reality Video

Make use of Augmented Reality Technology for your product catalog from CADENAS and bring paper to life. This new innovation is just one of many current CADENAS features for your successful and unforgettable trade show.

Augmented reality makes possible, with the computer’s help, to expand reality with virtual information and display the same to the person viewing the screen. For example, 3D images of parts can be projected onto paper. So-called marker points are depicted on paper and retained in a camera. Not only this point is depicted on the computer screen, the corresponding 3D illustration is also superimposed. Various perspectives and views can be shown by moving the paper in front of the camera.

For example, depict the marker points on your print product catalogs or information brochures and thus attract customers’ attention. Moreover, use the new technology to attract even more interested visitors to your fair stand. Visitors can delve into virtual reality with the publications at your stand and try it out for themselves.

Experience Augmented Reality Technology in our video:

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