CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. sets the course for the future with new CEO in Japan

Yasuhiko Murata takes over the management of the Japanese branch of the international software specialist

CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. sets the course for the future with new CEO in Japan

CADENAS Technologies AG is a worldwide leading software manufacturer in the areas of Strategic Parts Management and parts reduction (PARTsolutions) and Electronic CAD Product Catalogs (eCATALOGsolutions) with 17 branches. At the Japanese location in Tokyo, Yasuhiko Murata has been CEO of CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. since the beginning of October 2020, taking over the position from Yoshio Ueda, who successfully managed the Japanese CADENAS subsidiary for many years.

Yasuhiko Murata knows the current developments and challenges within the CAD, CAM, CAE industry already very well through his previous professional activities in key positions of well-known companies. Among others, he was able to successfully establish the new company and business expansion at Nippon Parametric Technology Corporation (now PTC Japan, Inc.). In his new function as CEO he will set the course for the future at CADENAS WEB2CAD: "I am looking forward to further advancing the technological development of this very innovative company and am confident that I will be able to provide valuable impulses thanks to my many years of experience in technologically demanding areas. Together we are committed to the digital transformation of our industry and look forward to working with new and existing customers," said Yasuhiko Murata.

CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. was founded in 2007 as a partnership between Web2CAD Japan K.K. and CADENAS. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of CADENAS Technologies AG and will continue its business in close cooperation with the headquarters in Germany.

From Augsburg engineering office to a globally active Innovation Company

The cornerstone of CADENAS was laid in 1992 with a small team around CEO Jürgen Heimbach. Early on, the company recognized the potential of the beginning IT age and specialized in engineering software to optimize design processes. In the following 25 years, the company has developed into one of the most important international providers of Electronic CAD Product Catalogs and Strategic Parts Management and is now represented on all world markets. Leading global players from the sectors of mechanical and electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace as well as architecture, such as Würth, ABB, Festo, Continental, MAN, Daimler or STIHL, use the software solutions to optimize their design process or provide engineers with optimal design data.

Worldwide locations of CADENAS Technologies AG

Find digital component data with innovative search functions

To support engineers, architects and planners even better in the age of digitization, CADENAS has developed the visual search engine 3Dfindit for digital component data. It enables users to find, configure and download manufacturer-verified 3D CAD or BIM planning & engineering data quickly and easily. Innovative search methods such as 3D Shape Search, Sketch Search, Color Search or Function Search, etc. are available for this purpose, which can be used to find millions of 3D CAD and BIM models from currently over 2500 manufacturer catalogs. The search functions are specifically tailored to the needs of CAD users and can effectively reduce the time required for design and time-to-market.

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