CAPVIDIA establishes cooperation with CADENAS

CADENAS PARTsolutions is extended with CAPVIDIA functions

CAPVIDIA in PARTsolutionsCAPVIDIA, a world leader in 3D engineering software, announces a newly established cooperation with CADENAS GmbH, a world market leader for standard parts software solutions.

The CADENAS flagship software product PARTsolutions for parts management will be extended by Capvidia`s “Feature Recognition”, “3D CAD Data Exchange, Repair and Healing”, as well “Reverse Engineering” capabilities.

CAPVIDIA functionality integrated in PARTsolutions

PARTsolutions is the answer for engineering and purchase to easily find components and standard parts. The software helps to reduce and control part inventories and moreover cut down production costs considerably during the design phase, allowing coming to a “make or buy” decision quickly and efficiently.

The CAPVIDIA functionality will be integrated for the CADENAS PARTsolutions suit to provide a broad access to PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) and 3D model feature definition, by analyzing the 3D model (BREP representation) and automatically identifying entities such as: cylinders, cones, planes, cylindrical segments, elongated cylinders, arcs, lines, opposite planes, etc. (over 20 different features are automatically recognized) and linked with the information from the PMI defining feature characteristics such as: circularity, concentricity, angularity, parallelism, flatness, perpendicularity, etc. The feature and characteristic information is easily accessible over open XML based QIF/ CAPXML file format.
Further the 3D CAD Data Exchange capabilities of CADENAS` PARTsolutions software, will be extended by powerful repair and healing algorithms from CAPVIDIA.

Powerful CAPVIDIA repair and healing algorithms

Capvidia CEO Tomasz Luniewski, comments: “The cooperation with CADENAS as the world market leader of standard part catalog solutions is an important milestone for CAPVIDIA. Through this partnership the CADENAS PARTsolutions user will have an important advantage, when analyzing 3D CAD data and processing them in their workflows.”

And Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS adds: “With the implementation of the very innovative and unique CAPVIDIA feature and characteristic detection capabilities that we providing for our PARTsolutions users, it is possible to accelerate the decision process to ‘make or buy’ significantly.”

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