Choice Mold components now provides custom 3D CAD files via interactive product selector built by CADENAS

Online product selector enables industrial manufacturer to meet the needs of a broad audience

Choice Mold Components, a Michigan based manufacturer of precision mold ready tooling, is redefining and expanding their digital customer experience. With the help of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, Choice Mold Components is strengthening their online presence with a new interactive product selector on, enabling users to configure and generate 2D and 3D CAD files during their design process. This addition will greatly decrease the time required for engineers to specify a Choice Mold Components component into their larger design, and help Choice Mold Components reach a much more diverse audience.

Choice Mold Components manufactures specialized cataloged components used within injection molding, blow molding and die casting systems. Their products include specialty and standard cataloged ejector blades, round tapered interlocks, mold core’s, pins and sleeves. Formerly, the customer would have to draw the standard part from Choice Mold’s catalog to then insert into their solid model. This could often be laborious and time consuming for the customer. With the new interactive product selector, users configure and download the exact part they need, in real-time. This streamlines the design and ordering process as the designer, engineer, mold maker, etc are assured to have the correct dimensions and product number. The customer can now insert Choice Mold’s standard cataloged component directly into their model without drawing it themselves, eliminating errors in: design, dimensioning, pricing, and part numbers- ultimately saving time and money.

Choice Mold Component

Choice Mold Components provides one of the largest selections of ejection mold components on the planet, serving industries including Food Service, Medical, Military, Aerospace, Automotive and Defense. Every industry, and millions of applications worldwide, require parts from plastic injection molds.

“Our customer base is extremely diverse and they often use different design software packages. We had so many part requests that we had a difficult time meeting their various digital design requirements,“ says Sean Humes, Systems and Information Manager at Choice Mold Components. “ We received part requests for files in dozens of CAD formats. We couldn’t possibly have seats of every CAD tool on the market, which we would need to properly provide native models to all of our customers. This is what led us to CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC. Now, our interactive product selector provides a native 2D and 3D CAD file in the customer’s preferred format. Plus, the downloaded component retains our part number and company information, so all of our data goes directly into the customers’ bill of materials.“

Choice Mold Components

As part of their interactive product selector package, Choice Mold Components, like all CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC clients, will have their products featured within the PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management desktop application, used by large industrial manufacturers to find and source components, as well as within 50 online product communities.

“For Choice Mold Components, we found that having their products available in our PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management software was an important feature which they could not find anywhere else,” says Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC. “Now, their products are available on the desktop of some of the world’s largest consumers of industrial components, the OEM manufacturers. That kind of visibility is priceless for any business.”

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