Clark-Reliance Corporation releases an online model builder for Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators

Industrial manufacturer adds digital tools for engineers to configure and download 3D CAD models for sight windows and sight flow indicators

Clark-Reliance Corporation releases its 3D product configurator for Jacoby-Tarbox flow indicators

Clark-Reliance® Corporation, a global solutions provider for the power generation, refining, gas processing, and chemical industries, has recently launched an online model builder, created by CADENAS. The tool provides on-demand product configuration and CAD downloads for Jacoby-Tarbox® (JT) sight flow indicators. This capability enhances the online digital customer experience for engineers specifying JT products by enabling them to instantly find, configure and download product data for use within their designs.

Jacoby-Tarbox is a world-leading manufacturer of sight flow indicators and sight window products. These products incorporate glass to allow customers to safely observe processes and flow in piping, vessels, and reactors. JT sight flow indicators are designed for versatile installation, whether engineers require a flanged, welded, or threaded connection.

When an engineer is in the design phase, they can now go to The Jacoby-Tarbox website and use the new model builder to configure the exact sight flow indicator needed for their project. "There is a real engineering time savings here,” says Dave Purcel, Jacoby-Tarbox Product Manager. “In the past, engineers would request a 3D model or drawing and one of our engineers would design it to their exact specifications. Depending on the complexity of the request, it could take a week before we delivered the CAD model to the engineer,” Purcel adds, “With the new model builder, any customer is now able to configure a product to their exact specifications and instantly download in the CAD format they prefer. This takes a process which took days to deliver and becomes a transaction which takes minutes instead.”

The online CAD models include detailed product information for design and purchasing decisions. The model builder generates the part number for each configuration and builds the data directly into the CAD model that can include a complete data sheet and drawing, providing a seamless handoff between engineering and procurement.

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