Cleverly combining components – Everyone their own PARTsolutions

Watch how Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions can support purchasing with our individual modular software architecture

Find information simply, optimise parts inventory and increasing parts re-use: Every company has their own needs when it comes to improving engineering processes. What if there was a solution that could make small and middle-sized companies just as happy as the big international industrial ones? CADENAS has developed that solution: Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions with modular software architecture. There are four basic standardised elements, which can be individually combined to meet each customer’s personal needs. This way, everyone gets their own personalised parts management.

The perfect parts management solution by CADENAS

Want to know how Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS does it? Then watch our short video!

Success with PARTsolutions.

Use Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions and profit from an optimised construction process, amongst other things, to guarantee your company’s competitiveness.

More information about Strategic Parts Management by CADENAS can be found here: Alternatively, simply send us an email to or per phone at +49 821 258 58 0-0.

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