Colson Group USA launches world’s first caster models app with configurable 3D CAD – built by CADENAS

Caster manufacturer reaching new audiences in new locations with “Caster CAD 3D” mobile app

Colson Group USA, the world’s leading manufacturer of caster and wheel products, launched their all new “Caster CAD 3D” mobile app, built by CADENAS. The free app is now available in the Apple App Store for download here:

Colson Group 3D CAD App on iTunes

CASTER CAD 3D is the world’s first app for iOS devices which enables users to configure, preview and download digital caster models. Providing Colson Group USA’s customers with a mobile digital 3D catalog delivers more freedom and flexibility for where and when they configure and specify casters. Additionally, this powerful tool will help Colson Group USA’s sales and distribution teams better demonstrate the wide selection of Colson Group products available without the need for bulky paper catalogs.

Colson Group 3D CAD App

Featuring six of Colson Group USA’s most popular brands, Albion, Colson, Jarvis, MedCaster, Pemco and Shepherd, the caster models app enables users to configure and visually preview products with an interactive 3D model. Once the desired product has been configured, the part model can be emailed to another device in more than 150 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats. Upon receiving the native model, the product can be seamlessly added and test-fit within an active CAD design.

Colson Group 3D CAD App Caster

“Colson Group USA is committed to delivering innovative tools and content to the hands of engineers around the world. We are helping them make more accurate design and purchasing decisions, and specifying casters from a global manufacturer they can trust,” says Brad Kish, Marketing Manager for Colson Group USA. “We are helping these dynamic engineers, our sales professionals, and our customers, access our digital 3D catalog via mobile platforms while working in the field. Now they can use their device to find the perfect caster or wheel, anywhere and anytime.”

While providing greater access to their customers, the Caster CAD 3D app is a powerful tool for Colson Group USA’s sales team and distributors. Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC sees how the caster models app provides flexibility for the modern sales force.

Colson Group 3D CAD App Caster Overview

“Paper catalogs are often obsolete the minute they are printed; they’re also static and cumbersome, especially with as many brands as Colson Group USA has. The app makes the Colson Group USA catalog as portable and lightweight as a tablet or smart phone, but with the added capability to dynamically create parts on-the-go. Now a salesperson can configure and demo the exact part a client needs from the palm of their hand, then email the product with part number and ordering information directly to the client. I have never seen a better way for industrial manufacturers to bring the sales process full-circle from demo to the sale,” said Zesch.

The visual compare and placement feature helps users to “test” a part in a physical environment by simultaneously using the camera and the CAD model. By orienting the model and placing the 3D preview within the camera image, users can compare the model to another part or visually test on an assembly.

Colson Group 3D CAD App Share

In addition to emailing the model to a CAD equipped workstation, the Colson Group USA Caster CAD 3D app gives users 10 other avenues to share the model. Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr as well as direct download and others.

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