Comprehensive update for the Festo Design Tool 3D on the basis of CADENAS’ interactive product configurator

Quickly find the pneumatic assembly group with extended software

Fast, safe and efficient – the Festo AG & Co. KG have published an update of their new configuration software Festo Design Tool 3D, which was developed in cooperation with CADENAS, the software manufacturer from Augsburg and created on the basis of the Interactive Product Configurator.

So far there has always been a residual risk when designing and ordering pneumatic drives. The designer had to place many single parts manually in the CAD system and long order parts lists were created. Thus there was a high error potential.

The Festo Design Tool 3D for pneumatic systems saves time-consuming work steps in the long term, which leads to significant time savings for the customer as well as a considerable decrease in errors. Delivering the system assembly as a whole package, with only one ordering position, simplifies logistics and assembly.

More product systems and more accessories

With the Festo Design Tool 3D (FDT 3D), customers can generate product combinations quickly, automatically and free of errors in the CAD system and order the complete assembly group with only one position.

With the update, users get access to even more product systems and other accessories of the core product range. Thus customers, for instance, find the rotary actuator DRRD, the mini-slide DGSL, the short stroke cylinders ADVC and AEVC as well as the guided drive DFM. The one-way flow control VFOV and the non-return valve HGL were added to the accessories.

The Festo Design Tool 3D is available under

If customers already own the Festo Design Tool 3D, they can download the update under the tab „Extras“ and „PARTupdate“.

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