Convert specifically designed 3D CAD models into a WebGL 3D HTML Graphic

New PARTcloud feature revolutionizes the creation of 3D HTML graphics for websites


CADENAS’ 3D printing & sharing platform PARTcloud enthralls engineers with brand new feature:

For the first time 3D HTML graphics can be easily and quickly created for your own website with The revolutionary PARTcloud feature offers engineers the possibility to convert self-designed 3D CAD models in STEP or STL format with only three steps into a WebGL 3D HTML graphic. Decisive benefit: with most internet browsers, visitors of the website no longer need a plugin for the 3D view!

As of now the new feature is available to all users of the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity.

It’s so simple:

  1. Upload your self-designed 3D CAD model for instance in STEP or STL format to

  2. Start the download of the 3D CAD model in WebGL HTML format

  3. You will receive a HTML file which you can integrate into your website

Curious how your 3D CAD model will look like?

PARTcloud by CADENASHere we will show you an example: the 3D HTML graphic was generated from a STEP file and exported by means of the WebGL Export features from PARTcloud.

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