Direct Conveyors launches new 3D CAD catalog for their flat belt conveyors powered by CADENAS

Conveyor manufacturer improves customer experience giving them new, useful tools

Direct Conveyors, a conveyor manufacturer based in Indiana (USA), doubled-down on customer support by launching its all-new 3D CAD product catalog of configurable conveyor models, based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS

The new online catalog features their 48 series flat belt conveyors. It generates part numbers, interactive 3D visualization, and instant CAD downloads in over 150+ file formats and versions. These new capabilities streamline their customer’s experience and provide a convenient solution.

“Customer service is our priority. We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer’s efficiency. Allowing customers to virtually generate our conveyors allows us to talk with our customers more intellectually to streamline their process. We want our customers to know the quality product they are getting when they buy from us,” says John van Kooten, President at Direct Conveyors.

Before launching the 3D CAD catalog, customers would have to wait while Direct Conveyors designed the models of the conveyors. Now, engineers can configure and download 3D part models on-demand from Direct Conveyor’s website, which they can then place in their layouts.

“The 3D CAD catalog allows engineers to place our models in their designs faster without compromising quality. We want to spend more time solving our customer’s problems and not waiting for models to be generated. We want to focus more on using our extensive experience of material handling knowledge to solve our customers’ part handling challenges,” says John van Kooten.

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