Eaton Increase EoDB with new Online Product Configurator by CADENAS

Hydraulic components manufacturer boosting “ease of doing business” for their customer base with new online tools and digital product downloads

Power management company Eaton, has recently expanded their Online Product Configurator to include large bore tie rod and mill duty cylinders. Built by CADENAS, the digital product configurator is significantly increasing EoDB or “ease of doing business” for Eaton’s cylinder customers.

Previously, engineers would have to wait to get the Eaton 3D CAD model they needed, through the formal request process. Now the process is self-serving, the customer can configure and instantly download the exact part they need for their project, while working on their own schedule.

Whether sitting behind a desk or on the go, engineers can quickly design the exact cylinder they need, directly from the Eaton website. The online configurator also provides delivery lead time and calculates pricing for distributors. Engineers can quickly generate an interactive 3D preview on-the-fly, before they ever commit to download or purchase the product. They can then download the exact product model they need in over 100 CAD and graphic formats, including native formats in Autodesk® Inventor™, SolidWorks®, Siemens Solid Edge®, NX® , PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire® and Creo®, CATIA® and many more. This on-demand capability makes the job of design engineers easier and delivers an exceptional customer experience. Additionally, a custom PDF datasheet for the configured cylinder can be downloaded to complete the designer’s project portfolio and be able to share information with purchasing or other departments who don’t have access to CAD more easily.

EoDB, or “Ease of Doing Business” is an organizational goal for many industrial manufacturers, but Eaton has made it their top priority for driving new business and increasing customer retention. By embedding the Electronic Product Catalog powered by CADENAS into their website, Eaton is able to better meet the needs of engineers who require high-quality product models for their designs.

“Everyone wants the fast-track to information these days, and our customers are no exception,” says Stephanie Risberg, Product Manager at Eaton. “Our clients demand fast and easy access to our product information in order to meet their own deadlines and customer requirements. CADENAS offers us the most complete package to accurately fulfill our CAD requests, instantly in nearly every format needed. The project was taken on as a joint venture between the marketing and engineering departments at Eaton,” says Risberg. “The driving force behind the selection of CADENAS was their flexibility and ease of doing business for the customer,” states Risberg, “Engineering loves it because it saves them a ton of time and money; marketing loves it because it drives sales and creates a positive customer experience. It’s truly a win-win for both departments.”

Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, a member of the CADENAS group, adds, “CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC is excited to be a part of Eaton’s’ EoDB initiative. We have seen what this technology can do for manufacturers, all over the world, who are looking to be easier to do business with. We look forward to working with Eaton to increase their sales and foster a remarkable experience for their customers.”

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