ELETTROTEC SRL and CADENAS: Digital transformation and intelligent customer service in e-commerce


ELETTROTEC, a manufacturer of fluid control devices for over 45 years, has recently redefined its vision of e-commerce and technological innovation through a strategic partnership with CADENAS, a well-known platform for CAD solutions. In this case study, we explore how ELETTROTEC successfully integrated an e-commerce system, taking full advantage of CADENAS' 3D CAD catalog eCATALOGsolutions.

We had the opportunity to interview Dr. Sartor, Managing Director of ELETTROTEC SRL, after her return from #TechMission2024, an international event dedicated to technology and innovation. During the interview, Dr. Sartor emphasized the crucial importance of e-commerce, artificial intelligence and its impact on the manufacturing sector.


ELETTROTEC focuses on the importance of digitalization and the innovative added value that CADENAS offers. Thanks to this advanced platform, users now have the ability to access, select, configure and download products according to their specific needs. The presence on this platform has opened up new prospects worldwide, generated a significant increase in inquiries and created new business opportunities.

The collaboration with CADENAS has ushered in an era of efficiency in e-commerce for ELETTROTEC. The immediate availability of products on demand has not only simplified the decision-making process for users, but has also triggered a steady stream of inquiries that has consolidated the company's position on the international competitive market. The presence on this platform has increased visibility at an international level, which has led to an increase in orders and inquiries and thus to new business opportunities.

E-commerce: a strategic vision

Dr. Sartor explained ELETTROTEC's strategic vision for e-commerce. They took a proactive approach, integrating advanced software and adapting the model to new market requirements. The choice of CADENAS was critical to the success of e-commerce.

The need to expand into remote markets required the implementation of an e-commerce system to efficiently serve the demand from these areas.

The challenge was to link e-commerce with the digital catalog in an advanced way, taking into account the crucial importance of the technical aspects and the correctness of the data sheets, which are crucial in the industrial components sector. Dr. Sartor: "When I saw you at FEDERTEC, I really liked your vision. But the topic of e-commerce was already on my mind. The problem was how to combine e-commerce with the digital catalog. The desire was to have an advanced technical solution: Since we deal in industrial components, the technical aspect is a key parameter. The support from CADENAS was crucial in this respect."

ELETTROTEC's achievements

Dr. Sartor was very satisfied with the introduction of e-commerce. The company's turnover is increasing thanks to direct access to customers. E-commerce is proving to be a crucial tool in overcoming the complexity of its requirements. The innovative ideas he has in mind concern the transition to e-commerce as a moment of high strategic value.

"E-commerce took off after we recognized the high technical level and efficiency of your solution. And in the first six months after the launch, we had no problems: our customers download the model, try it out, enter it and order it. In my view, the future lies in e-commerce. There is a direct link between downloading the 3D model and the direct purchase. The orders arrive and are processed immediately."

The future of the industry: technical innovation and online presence

Dr. Sartor predicts a gradual growth of artificial intelligence in e-commerce. She envisions a future in which AI independently generates customized solutions that make the purchasing process even more efficient and individualized for the customer. ELETTROTEC is already heading in this direction, working on outline research and opening up new possibilities.

The strategic partnership between ELETTROTEC and CADENAS has redefined e-commerce in the manufacturing industry. The integration of advanced solutions has led to a significant increase in operational efficiency and business opportunities. ELETTROTEC's success in adopting e-commerce clearly demonstrates that the future of the industry lies in technological innovation and online presence, with a focus on the DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and distribution of the digital twin.

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