Engineers get the exact GCT 3D connector model in seconds

New product catalog powered by CADENAS optimizes customer service

New product catalog powered by CADENAS optimizes GCT customer service

Designing GCT connectors into design projects is now easier and quicker than ever. As a leading manufacturer of electronic connectors, GCT’s primary focus has consistently been to give engineers the best in class experience available while obtaining all the resources and tools required for its products, easily and quickly. This is further strengthened by its new product catalog powered by CADENAS, which offers instant download of its entire product library, including board to board, USB, SIM and more, in a wide range of different CAD file formats.

This is all thanks to a slick new 3D model interface, driven by CADENAS, which can be found in each individual product page on the GCT website. This allows users to customise a variety of filters to create a connector that fits their exact application and download it instantly. To ensure the 3D models are compatible for the majority of users, they are available in a wide variety of formats such as IGES and STEP. Native file formats are also offered for popular software including Autodesk AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor®, SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge®, PTC Wildfire® and CREO®, Siemens NX®, CATIA® and many more.

Engineers get the exact GCT 3D connector model in seconds

When combined with GCT’s extensive set of resources such as product specification sheets, product drawings and PCB footprint layouts, engineers will have all the tools to ensure GCT connectors are designed in correctly and with ease. And if they still need further assistance, GCT’s team of experts are always on hand to assist with any further queries.

“This is a big step forward in the service we are able to provide our customers,” comments Laurence Hill, Managing Director at GCT. “Generating 3D models can take time, particularly if you have a diverse product range like GCT with connectors such as board to board having thousands upon thousands of different configurations. Not only customers can now create these models on the fly, they will also be able to download the right file for your modelling software.”

“As engineering becomes increasingly digitised, GCT continues to provide everything it can to make connectors used in designs a success,” Laurence added, “Whilst physical connector samples are important, we also see the growing significance of ‘digital connector samples’ in the form of 3D models and resources – getting this to our customers instantly and with minimal fuss is now possible.”

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