Find components quickly and easily, even in large databases, thanks to PARTsolutions filter assistants

Engineers and purchasers can find their way directly to the desired component with the CADENAS intelligent search function

Search through complex databases with CADENAS

Butterfly caterpillars are very picky and usually prefer only a single fodder plant. As if that's not enough, another criterion of the search for the perfect fodder plant is it's location (sunny, semi-shady, wind-protected or damp). Also with the development of new products, the step by step narrowing down of right components by the engineer can often be helpful. A variety of components within a parts database with large quantities of data resemble each other, but usually only one specific component is needed for the product design.

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS provides engineers and purchasers with filter assistants, so as to quickly and easily find a certain type of part from any one of the manufacturer catalogs. With only a few clicks, the user thus filters the entire parts database and receives as a result a display of all available components and manufacturers. For this purpose, the catalogs are scanned by the system according to certain variables. PARTsolutions then creates filter assistants with the most common variables and the respective minimum and maximum values.

The filter assistants enable you to quickly narrow down millions of possible purchased and single parts to exactly what is needed at the moment. The engineer benefits from the filter assistants in PARTsolutions: Components that are frequently searched for can be found in a simple and effective way. The design engineer can generate an individual, intuitive interface with slide controls and selection fields via simple rules. In addition, he can also save filter assistants and make them available to other users as well as for Classification 2.0.

Engineers and buyers benefit from intelligent finding methods

CADENAS opens up new opportunities to intelligently find product information as well as CAD data of standard, purchased and single parts. The search functions have been optimized especially for the needs of engineers and purchasers and enhance the intelligent finding of needed components by intuitive operation.

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