Color now comes into play – Find components with color search within PARTsolutions

Find components quickly within the parts library on the basis of selected colors

Find components quickly within the parts library on the basis of selected colors

To be successful, you sometimes have to distinguish yourself from the mainstream. There's a natural phenomenon where so-called bowerbirds decorate their breeding place in certain colors in order to attract the female mate.  Even in the economy, companies use colors to win customers and to increase their attractiveness over competitors. Some component manufacturers give their parts distinctive signal colors to set themselves apart and thus better remain in memory.

Filtering components based on selected colors

Filtering based on a selected color

Since the color of a needed component can be a decisive search criterion, the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions provides a search function for engineers and purchasers which filters components within a parts library based on selected colors. The full strength of this intelligent search method is demonstrated after one of the other numerous innovative search methods by CADENAS has already been applied. It's also possible with the color search to combine several colors of a process or to input exact color values. Moreover, certain color values from components can be extracted and added to the color palette. Thus, engineers can save important time when searching for the right component needed for the development of innovative products.

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CADENAS opens up new opportunities to intelligently find product information as well as CAD data of standard, purchased and single parts. The search functions have been optimized especially for the needs of engineers and purchasers and enhance the intelligent finding of needed components by intuitive operation.

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