Less than 5 seconds from photo to 3D model

3Dfindit quickly converts a photo into a 3D model thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)

On 3Dfindit, users can easily upload a 2D photo through the My Content AI section and have a 3D model created from it. The conversion is done using Artificial Intelligence (AI). 3Dfindit is a central point of contact for millions of engineers, designers and architects looking for manufacturer-verified 3D CAD, CAE and BIM models. The My Content AI platform also allows users to become part of a community and share their 3D models with others.

How to create a cake from a photo

3Dfindit allows users to convert a 2D photo into a 3D model in seconds. A photo is uploaded and 3Dfindit's artificial intelligence converts it into a 3D model. Bit-Baker, a company from Karlsruhe, Germany, which has developed a device for baking cakes without an oven or baking pan, has already successfully used this function. This is made possible by an innovative 3D printer, the Bit-Baker, which uses a special dough as a material. The opening of the new bouldering gym "Griffkiste" in Mittelbiberach, Germany, was celebrated with a very special cake – a bouldering shoe.

Using 3Dfindit, Bit-Baker was able to upload the desired photo of a boulder shoe and convert it into a 3D model in less than 5 seconds. "I am still impressed by how quickly a 3D model can be created from a simple photo. This technology is incredible," said Anton Strahilov, founder and CEO of Bit-Baker.

Free 3D Model Database

Creative minds can also upload 3D models to My Content AI and share them with users around the world.

The other advantages at a glance:

  • The models appear in the search results of over 8.6 million registered users and over 970,000 companies.
  • Users have access to uploaded 3D models in 35 CAD, CAE, BIM and EDA systems and over 100 file formats.

  • Models can be made available with Augmented Reality (AR) thanks to the QR code.

  • Parts can be embedded directly into your own or other websites

  • Users can sell their own 3D works to other people

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